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30 lb fluorocarbon leader - 58 items found | Last update: 21 August 2019 - 03:53:39

Seaguar Blue Label 25-Yards Fluorocarbon Leader (30-Pounds)

Incredible impact and abrasion resistance. Fast sinking. Superior tensile and knot strength. Seaguar Blue label 100% fluorocarbon leader material allows you to use a smaller test leader than comparable nylons or fluorocarbon for unmatched bait presentations. No Wonder it's preferred by anglers the world over.

Seaguar Blue Label 50-Yards Fluorocarbon Leader, 30-Pounds

Incredible Impact and Abrasion Resistance. Fast Sinking, Superior Tensile and Knot Strength. Seaguar Blue Label 100% Fluorocarbon Leader is preferred by anglers all over the world.

Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line, Clear, 30-Pound/30-Yard

Double Your Invisibility with Yo-Zuri H.D. Fluorocarbon Clear. Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon is a fluorocarbon leader that maximizes the advantages of fluorocarbon in a clear color to naturally blend under water. Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in the water. Fluorocarbon is only invisible until it gets nicked or scraped. If this happens, that nicked section of the leader actually lights up from the sunlight becoming highly visible. Our specially formulated blend of fluorocarbon is extremely resistant to nicks or scrapes, giving you a stronger, longer lasting leader material.

Berkley Vanish Leader Material

Easy casting Berkley Vanish has become the top selling fluorocarbon fishing line in the U.S. and Canada. We have been continuously improving the Vanish formula since it was first introduced 10 years ago! This newest Vanish formula has 20% more shock strength than the previous formula – without sacrificing the handling properties that has made Vanish America’s favorite.

Seaguar Blue Label 100-Yards Fluorocarbon Leader 30-Pounds

Incredible Impact and Abrasion Resistance. Fast Sinking, Superior Tensile and Knot Strength. Seaguar Blue Label 100% Fluorocarbon Leader is preferred by anglers all over the world.

Berkley ProSpec 100% Fluoro Leader Mat

Berkley ProSpec is a Professional Grade, 100% Fluorocarbon leader material. Specified and approved by Professional Captains and Guides. Available in clear and in special tints to match different water conditions. Features: - Developed and tested with professional tournament captains - Maximum invisibility, durability and crimp strength - Tough and abrasion resistant - Excellent clarity Specifications: - Length: 100 Yards - Diameter: 0. 022" - Breaking Strength: 30 lbs - Color: Clear - Packaging: Leader Wrist Spool

Seaguar Fluoro Premier 25-Yards Fluorocarbon Leader (30-Pounds)

Virtually Invisible, Smaller Diameters. Incredible Knot and Tensile Strength. The perfect shock leader.

Seaguar STS Salmon Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line, 30-Pound/100-Yard, Clear

Tough fish. Rocks and Wicked structure. No problem. This genuine 100% fluorocarbon leader material delivers incredible abrasion resistance and maximum impact and knot strength, all with a smaller line diameter than monofilament. This fast-sinking line G

P-Line Salmon/Steelhead Select Fluorocarbon 100 yd Leader Material, 30 lb, Clear

Ss' fluorocarbon leader was designed specially for the salmon and Steelhead market. The extreme Invisibility of the line once it enters the water is one of the attributes which make it the perfect choice when sheng Clear water conditions. Ss' fluorocarbon has the toughness and abrasion resistance needed to be an awesome leader line, while maintaining enough edibility to tie great knots. With the latest advancements in fluorocarbon raw materials and extrusion technology This product will raise the bar of what anglers come to expect out of fluorocarbon leader material. Available in 6-40lb. Test in 100 yard spools.

KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader Line,Clear,120Yds,30 LB (Wound on Spool) 0.50mm

KastKing DuraBlend Monofilament Leader is formulated to be the most durable and abrasion resistant leader material available today. It is incredibly strong with low stretch and memory. KastKing DuraBlend Mono leader material has superior tensile strength and abrasion resistance with rock solid hook setting power. Available from 20Lb to 80lb test.