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afw surflon nylon coated leader wire - 33 items found | Last update: 21 August 2019 - 03:05:25

American Fishing Wire Surflon Nylon Coated 1x7 Stainless Steel Leader Wire, Black Color,90 Pound Test, 100-Feet

Surflon 1x7 is a great all-around leader wire for toothy fish. This wire is our Surfstrand 1x7 stainless steel with a smooth coating of nylon. A specially selected grade of nylon, tough yet flexible, is used to seal out water, reduce visibility, and improve the life of the line. Compared to old style 1x3 construction, Surflon’s 1x7 construction offers higher break strength and more realistic action. Surflon 1x7 is an effective leader wire for hard-charging, toothy fish such as Bluefish, Muskie and Mackerel.

American Fishing Wire Surflon Micro Supreme Nylon Coated 7x7 Stainless Steel Leader Wire, Camo Brown Color, 40 Pound Test, 5-Meter

Surf Lon 49 40lb Camborne 5M Spy; perhaps the best leader wire available! surf Lon Micro supreme is miniature 49 strand stainless steel wire that is extremely flexible and kink resistant. This wire is ideal for many types of sport fishing because it can be knotted to your bait and line like monofilament, it provides greater flexibility and less stretch than monofilament, and is Generally smaller diameter per pound test, and therefore, less visible in the water. ; Leaders/leader material ; American fishing wire; surf Lon Micro supreme is extra limp and has virtually no memory or stretch. The wire enhances the action of live and artificial Baits and adds a level of realism never before attainable using wire or other leader materials such as monofilament and fluorocarbon. This wire is ideal for presenting life-like bait at any depth and can fool tackle-shy billfish while withstanding the violent razor-sharp strikes of king mackerel and Shark. Excellent for casting flies and tempting the most discriminating toothy fish to the surface. No other wire offers more realistic action both above and below the water. Low elasticity and high sensitivity allow you to set hooks faster and with more accuracy. Attach using common monofilament knots such as the Albright knot, clinch knot, nail knot...

American Fishing Wire Bleeding Leader Blood Red Nylon Coated 1x7 Stainless Steel Leader Wire, 135 Pound Test, 30-Feet

Bleeding Leader Wire is the World’s First Blood Red nylon coated leader wire. The unique red nylon coating mimics actual blood in top water fishing conditions to attract fish. In deeper water, the color Red is filtered out faster than other colors on the spectrum and ‘vanishes’ to fish. Bleeding Leader Wire is ideal for all types of toothy fish and is made from our strong Surflon 1X7 stainless steel leader wire.

American Fishing Wire Surflon Micro Ultra Nylon Coated 1x19 Stainless Steel Leader Wire, Camo Brown Color, 26 Pound Test, 5-Meter

Surflon Micro Ultra 19 strand is more flexible than our Surflon 1x7, but not as flexible as our Surflon Micro Supreme 7x7. Surflon Micro Ultra has a smooth nylon coating that adds kink resistance, provides longer life, and makes the wire easy to knot. You can attach this leader wire using common monofilament knots such as the Albright Knot, Clinch Knot, Nail Knot, Perfection Loop, Surgeon’s Loop, Uni-Knot, etc... Low stretch and high sensitivity allow for fast hook sets and remarkable performance. The limp, supple qualities make it especially well-suited for fly fishing tippet and predator leaders where life-like bait presentation is required along with strong bite protection. Surflon Micro Ultra is an economical alternative to Surflon Micro Supreme and an excellent leader wire for Barracuda, Billfish, Bluefish, King Mackerel, Shark, Wahoo, and other game fish.

American Fishing Wire Single Barrel Crimp Sleeves, Black Color, Size 4, 0.071 -Inch Inside Diameter, 100-Pieces

Sleeves are made of Copper or Brass and are available Nickel plated and Black oxidized. Sleeves can be fitted to wire, monofilament, and other various lines. When matching sleeves to wire, use single-barrel sleeves with an inside diameter of more than twice the wire diameter you are crimping. Burr-free nonabrasive finish combined with high strength and corrosion resistance makes AFW’s sleeves the preferred choice of professional leader, lure, and tackle manufacturers.

Croch Stainless Steel Wire Leader for Fishing with Swivels and Snaps 30LB (30LB 72PCS)

Croch tooth proof leader wires have clips and swivels, provide maximum protection the ferocious jaws of Barracuda, Catfish and other toothy fish. Ideal for rigging all types of bait or lures when you need abrasion resistance and to prevent the fishing line from snapping. Features: * Made with semi-rigid material to resist bite-offs and provide ultimate impact strength * Rolling barrel swivels reduced line twist * Nylon Coating seals out water, reduces visibility, and improves life of leader * Assortment lengths. Very sturdy and a lot easier than rigging your own * Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater Package include: 30LB 72PCS 24 pcs x 5.9'' Length Fishing Wire Leader 24 pcs x 7.9'' Length Fishing Wire Leader 24 pcs x 9.5'' Length Fishing Wire Leader 100LB 30PCS 30pcs x 19" Length Fishing Wire Leader 150LB 30PCS 30 pcs x 19" Length Fishing Wire Leader Good price for what you get! Super addition to your fishing arsenal !

American Fishing Wire Bleeding Leaders, 45 Pound Test, 18 -Inches, 3-Pack

Ready-made leaders rigged on Blood-Red nylon coated 1X7 stainless steel Surflon wire with Duo Lock Snaps. Double crimped for extra strength. Great for all types of toothy fish!

American Fishing Wire Surflon Leaders, Black Color, 60 Pound Test, 36 -Inches, 3-Pack

Heavy-duty Surflon Leaders are made with AFW’s Black, nylon coated Surflon 1x7 stainless steel wire and high quality Sleeves, Swivels, and Lock Snaps. Leaders are double-crimped for extra strength and are great for many types of toothy game fish. Surflon is also available with Blood Red nylon coating as Bleeding Leaders