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Fantasma Ultimate Magic Legends Set 300+ Tricks Kids Children Gift Game Fun

-300+ Tricks A real magician?s Illusion box which can vanish and produce objects, as well as transform one object into another-Cups And Balls- Cause 3 balls to penetrate 3 cups! Multiplying Billiard Balls- Turn one ball into four! The Amazing Money Making Machine- Print real money on blank paper!-The Phantom Deck- Find a spectator's chosen card then turn the whole deck to that card! The Magic Card Box- -Vanish a card, change one card into another and even restore a torn card! The Linking Rings- Pass solid through solid in this classic of magic!-The Chain Escape-All Fantasma Magic kits come with the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the largest magic organization in the world, seal of approval.LS-F

Fantasma Masters of Magic Set - Starter Magic Kit for Kids and Adults - Learn 450+ Magic Tricks - Boys and Girls Ages 8 and Older

There will be magical fun with the 300 tricks that can be performed with this set. Kids can make scarves appear, pass balls through solid cups, and more. A few of the professional props are: Wand, Production Tubes, Phantom Deck, Chinese Sticks, Linking Rings and a sturdy cardstock performance table. Comes with instructions, poster and a 90 min. DVD showing rare footage of legendary magicians and visual instructions.

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase lets children wow their audiences and amaze even themselves! Learn the great secrets of illusion from one of the most complete magic sets ever made. This set comes with a magic hat, magic wand, suitcase that doubles as a magician's table, props, instructions and codes for online videos starring magician Ryan Oakes. Props include a magic drawer box, 3 plastic cups, 4 fuzzy balls, double-sided lollipop, clear quarter box with lid, coin container with top, dice escape (3 parts), 3 red plastic balls, red half ball, 6 multiplying rabbits, ring, ring with false bottom, rabbit ring mat, rabbit token, spot card, number card, thumb tip, mystery card deck, crazy coin cap, flip box, 2 blue tubes, 2 clear tubes, 2 juice cans, color cube, hanky vanisher with elastic cord and double-sided tape. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

Fantasma Complete Grand Illusions Magic Set - Over 200+ Tricks Kit

Your family and friends won't believe their eyes when you show off your incredible skills with this Grand Magic Set! This amazing set is jam-packed with everything you need to perform mystifying tricks Make your arm turn 360 degrees in the baffling Arm Twister The classic Linking Rings- where solid passes through solid All Fantasma products conform to the most rigorous child safety testing! Ages 7+

Ultimate Legends Of Magic Kit with DVD

Learn over 300 cool tricks! When kids see the 90-minute DVD included in this kit of Houdini and other famous magicians performing their tricks, they'll believe they can do those tricks, too. They can! What makes this kit so special is the "illusion box" that helps kids make items appear and disappear, and that also makes a very official-looking performance table. Also included are a plethora of props (Production Tubes, Phantom Deck, Chinese Sticks, Puzzle Box, Metal Linking Rings, Drawer Box, and more) and an 82-page "Official Illustrated Instruction Manual" that both teaches you how to perform amazing tricks and offers great tips on what is perhaps one of the most important parts of any magic show: using compelling conversation to keep your audience enthralled. Learn fascinating facts; build skills, confidence, and poise; and have a great time! For ages 7 and up. WARNING CHOKING HAZARD - This toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Fantasma Toys Beyond Reality Magic Set (150 Tricks)

Your family and friends won't believe their eyes when you show off your enchanting skills with the Beyond Reality Magic Set! This amazing set is jam-packed with everything you need to perform over 150 mystifying tricks, including The Amazing Arm Stretcherama, The Incredible Money Paddle, The Secret Levitation Device, The Amazing Egg Bag, Lucky Matches, The Magic Cookie, Psychic Deck, Houdini Escape and much more!  Stretch your arm longer and longer and longer!  Bite and restore a cookie!  Predict a chosen card with a piece of toast?!?  In addition to the illustrated booklet, an instructional DVD is also included as an added bonus! Suitable for ages 8 years old and up. Fantasma Toys offers professional-quality, innovative magic products. Fantasma loves toys and loves magic and that's what's at the heart of the business. Fantasma Magic tricks are known to be easy to perform, yet very, very entertaining. Quality is extremely important, every Fantasma magic product is quality controlled. Each component of the set conforms to all USA and International toy safety testing standards. Fantasma is honored that they are the only toy company endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world's largest professional magicians' organization. Fantasma magic is the only magic...

Ideal My First Magic Set

Our easiest tricks designed specifically for small hands, This is a great beginners magic set. Like all cadaco magic sets the trick are easy to learn and easy to perform with a professional result. Lots of great tricks and even a magic wand and comes with DVD instructions that go step by step showing how to perform the tricks.

Fantasma Toys Deluxe Legends of Magic DVD Set

Learn the art involving the sleight of hand with this Legends of Magic DVD set. The set includes over 250 amazing tricks of professional yet easy magic, including penetrating balls through solid cups, producing silk scarves from thin air, escaping chains, card tricks and magic table illusions. Set includes magic table and a 60-min. DVD containing performances by Houdini and other great magicians. For ages 7 years and up. From Fantasma Toys. Imported. 4-1/2Hx14-3/4Wx20L”.