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Fantasma Ultimate Magic Legends Set 300+ Tricks Kids Children Gift Game Fun

300+ Tricks A real magician's Illusion box which can vanish and produce objects, as well as transform one object into anotherCups And Balls- Cause 3 balls to penetrate 3 cups! Multiplying Billiard Balls- Turn one ball into four! The Amazing Money Making Machine- Print real money on blank paper!The Phantom Deck- Find a spectator's chosen card then turn the whole deck to that card! The Magic Card Box- Vanish a card, change one card into another and even restore a torn card! The Linking Rings- Pass solid through solid in this classic of magic!The Chain EscapeAll Fantasma Magic kits come with the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the largest magic organization in the world, seal of approval.

Fantasma Toys Super Deluxe Legends of Magic DVD Set

There will be magical fun with the 300 tricks that can be performed with this set. Kids can make scarves appear, pass balls through solid cups, and more. A few of the professional props are: Wand, Production Tubes, Phantom Deck, Chinese Sticks, Linking Rings and a sturdy cardstock performance table. Comes with instructions, poster and a 90 min. DVD showing rare footage of legendary magicians and visual instructions.

Fantasma Toys Deluxe Legends of Magic DVD Set

Learn the art involving the sleight of hand with this Legends of Magic DVD set. The set includes over 250 amazing tricks of professional yet easy magic, including penetrating balls through solid cups, producing silk scarves from thin air, escaping chains, card tricks and magic table illusions. Set includes magic table and a 60-min. DVD containing performances by Houdini and other great magicians. For ages 7 years and up. From Fantasma Toys. Imported. 4-1/2Hx14-3/4Wx20L”.