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Wire Rope Swager Crimpers Fishing Crimping Tool for Copper Fishing Line Crimp Sleeves Swivels Snaps Up To 2.2mm Premium Rigging Kit (Stainless Steel Crimper Kit)

Drop forged from stainless steel, this mini hand swager features cushioned comfort grips, side cutters, and a safety lock. Spring-loaded, articulated jaws offer a perfect compression. For use with 0.1mm to 2.2mm size crimps and sleeves.

49-strand Cable Vinyl Coated 7x7 Stainless Steel Kit 30ft 275lb 1.2mm W/10 1.4mm Crimps

Top quality Vinyl Coated stainless steel cable. 275 lb test 30 ft spool.Includes 10 crimps. Coating adds about 2mm to cable size. Coating helps reduces burs.

American Fishing Wire Surflon Crimp Kit, 30 Pound Test, Black Color

Kit contains a 30 ft. (9.2m) spool of 30 lb. (14kg) Black Surflon 1x7 leader wire, 36 pieces no. 3 Black Crimping Sleeves, and Lightweight Crimping Pliers for making leaders and rigs. Convenient all-in-one package is a value versus buying components separately.

60pcs Fishing Leaders Nylon-coated Fishing Line Wire Leaders with Swivels and Snaps 5.91inch/7.87inch/11.81inch (Black leader-60pcs)

Brand Name: ICE SEA 60pcs stainless steel fishing leaders Details: Length----------Quantity----------------Test 5.9inch---------20pcs-------------------13lb 7.9inch---------20pcs-------------------20lb 11.8inch-------20pcs--------------------31lb Attention: *Please keep out of reach of children. *Please be careful with your fingers when you use the fishing hook. Warranty: *ICE SEA adhere to Amazon Return Policy. *ICE SEA will take full responsibility for any quality problems within 30 days.

60pcs Fishing Leader Stainless Steel Wire Trace Spinner Fishing Wire Rig with Snap and Swivels Fishing Tackle Lures (Test 30 lb)

wire leaders for fishing,Made by nylon-coated stainless steel wire, boost abrasion resistance.  The high quality material builds toughness, and pay more attention to details.  Nylon Coating seals out water, reduces visibility, and improves life of leader As you use spinner lures, the swivel and snap protect your line from twisting.  The high strength leader line makes it available to choose thinner main line, so that you cast the lures further. tooth proof leader wires have clips and swivels, provide maximum protection the ferocious jaws of Barracuda, Catfish and other toothy fish. Ideal for rigging all types of bait or lures when you need abrasion resistance and to prevent the fishing line from snapping.  Size:  20pcs x 28cm Length stainless leader  20pcsx 23cm Length stainless leader  20pcs x 18cm Length stainless leader

Saltwater Lures Surf Fishing Tackle Kit - 157pcs Saltwater Fishing Tackle Box, Hard Bait Minnow Lure, Bucktail Jig, Sabiki, Stainless Steel Hooks Leaders, Swivel, snap, Sinker Weight

157pcs Saltwater Lures Surf Fishing Tackle KitPACKAGE INCLUDED: 1PC custom Buck-tail Jig (random color), 1 PC Hard Bait Minnow Lure with treble hooks(random color), 1 PC #8 Sabiki Rig, 6 PCS 12" Wire Leaders, 5 PCS Stainless Steel Hooks, 20 PCS Octopus Hooks, 20 PCS Red Long Baitholder Hooks, 30 PCS #4 Snaps, 40 PCS #4 Swivels, 30 PCS Fishing Beads, 3PCS 3/8 oz Bell Sinkers【OCCASION】FOR PIER, BEACH, JETTY, AND BOAT. The Tackle Crafters Saltwater tackle set for kinds of fishing situations. 【MADE FISHING EASIER】The Saltwater Fishing Lures kit are the Most Popular Styles and Common Sizes, the set have all You need for Saltwater Fish on the Beach

49 Strand Cable 7x7 Stainless Steel Fishing Wire Leader Kit w/10 crimps - 30ft 280 lbs

Top quality 30 ft spool of stainless steel cable. Weight at 285 lbs test and also includes 10 crimps.

49-strand Cable Vinyl Coated 7x7 Stainless Steel Kit 30ft 175lb 1.0mm w/10 1.3mm crimps

Top quality Vinyl Coated stainless steel cable. 175 lb test 30 ft spool.Includes 10 crimps. Coating adds about 2mm to cable size. Coating helps reduces burs.

Hilitchi 300 Pcs 6 Sizes Fishing Wire Mini Aluminum Single Barrel Crimp Sleeves Kit for 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2mm Fishing Wire Dia.

300 Pcs Fishing Wire Single Barrel Crimp Sleeves Mini Aluminum Crimp Sleeve Kit for 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, & 2mm Fishing Wire Dia. FEATURES: no burrs no sharp edges light and small add the sensitivity corrosion resistant with high strength nicely crafted Size & Package : 1.0*8mm ×50pcs 1.2*8mm ×50pcs 1.4*8mm ×50pcs 1.6*8mm ×50pcs 1.8*8mm ×50pcs 2.0*8mm ×50pcs A storage box x 1pcs Item Package Quantity:300pcs Notes: barrel crimp sleeve sizes and line sizes for reference (only for single line) 1.0mm inside dia. for 0.8mm wire 1.2mm inside dia. for 1.0mm wire 1.4mm inside dia. for 1.2mm wire 1.6mm inside dia. for 1.4mm wire 1.8mm inside dia. for 1.6mm wire 2.0mm inside dia. for 1.8mm wire Please allow minor difference due to manual measurement, thanks!

Tackle Crafters 12" Stainless Steel Wire Leaders Fishing Tackle Gear and Accessories 12 Pack Made In The USA

Our Steel Leaders are made in USA with quality components and skilled craftsmanship. These rigs are great for Saltwater and Freshwater applications. Featuring 40lb test Steel Surfstrannd Cable from American Fishing Wire the Steel Leader gives you the advantage when fishing for toothy fish and the confidence you need when fighting the big one. Tackle Crafters has been manufacturing fishing tackle for 70 years our 12" Steel Leaders is a must have in every anglers tackle box.