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marine grade electrical cable - 265 items found | Last update: 15 October 2019 - 03:42:25

Ancor 121510 Marine Grade Duplex Cables, 14/2 AWG (2 x 2mm²), Flat, 100ft

Ultra flexible stranding resists fatigue due to vibration & flexing. Outer jacket made for easy removal & abrasion-resistance. Premium vinyl insulation stays flexible even in extreme cold & resists saltwater, battery acid, oil, gasoline & UV radiation. Exclusive insulation rated at 600V, 105 C. Standard duplex features Red & black marine grade primary conductors in white common jacket.

Ancor 154010 Marine Grade Electrical Flat Trailer Tinned Boat Cable (16-Gauge, 100-Feet)

Trailer Cable - 16/4 AWG - Yellow/White/Green/Brown - Flat - 100'Ancor flat trailer cable features white, green, yellow and brown Marine Grade primary conductors (correctly color-coded to ABYC standards) in a white common jacket that is made for easy removal while providing the best abrasion resistance available. These cables exceed UL 1426 standards and are made from the highest quality ultra flexible (Type 3/Class K) tinned copper stranding that provides maximum protection against corrosion and electrolysis while resisting fatigue due to vibration and flexing. The premium vinyl insulation is rated at 600V, 105C dry and 75C wet, stays flexible even in extreme cold (-40F/C) and resists salt water, battery acid, oil, gasoline, heat, abrasion and ultra-violet radiation.

Ancor 189131 Marine Grade Electrical Premium Tinned Boat Battery Cable Assemblies (4-Gauge, Size 3/8 Stud, Red, 18-Inches-Pack)

ANCOR Marine Grade Standard Battery Cable Assemblies are manufactured with ANCOR's premium UL1426 tinned copper battery cable. The battery cable is fine stranded to produce maximum conductivity and flexibility. In addition, all ANCOR battery cable is flame retarded, UV inhibited, rated to 600V and 105°C. The lugs are tinned copper to avoid corrosion and last longer. Each end has a piece of ANCOR's adhesive lined 3:1 heat shrink tubing placed over the electrical connection. The heat shrink tubing seals out moisture and other corrosive elements found in the marine environment, and provides strain relief to ensure a longer lasting battery connection.

Ancor 153110 Marine Grade Electrical Flat Tinned Ribbon Boat 2-Cable Wiring (16-Gauge, 100-Feet)

Ultra flexible stranding resists fatigue due to vibration & flexing. Outer jacket made for easy removal, provides abrasion-resistance. Premium vinyl insulation stays flexible even in extreme cold & resists saltwater, battery acid, oil, gasoline & UV radiation. Exclusive insulation rated at 600 V, 105c. Premium tinned copper. Multi-conductor cables.

SELTERM 25 Pack 6 Gauge 6 AWG 3/8" Stud UL Marine Grade Ring Terminal Lugs Battery Cable Tinned Copper Eyelets

SELTERM Marine Grade Copper Lugs are manufactured using industry leading processes to guarantee a high-quality product. The Battery Cable lugs meet S.A.E conductivity standards and are tested to UL 486 with voltage rating of up to 600 V. To ensure corrosion resistance the tin-plated lugs are salt spray tested to ASTM B 117.

EWCS 6 AWG (UL) Marine Grade Tinned Copper Boat Battery Cable 600 Volts - Red - 25 Feet - Made in USA

6 AWG Tinned Copper UL Approved USCG Approved Flexible Tinned Copper 600 Volt Marine Battery Cable - US made - Quality protection against corrosion and fatigue - OD .318" 8.08MM - RED - 25 FEET

10 Gauge Electrical wire Marine Grade Primary wire Cable High Voltage 1000V Automotive high temperature wire battery cable 10 AWG Strands of Tinned copper Hard Hook up wire 20 ft [10ft Black 10ft Red]

Gauge: 10 AWG 10370 Total 20 feet:10 ft black and 10 ft red PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: (1) Nominal Temperature: -60/200℃ (2) Nominal Voltage: 1000V (3) Spark Testing Voltage: 10KV (4) Flame Test: VW-1/FT1 (5) UL758 1581(According to UL758 1581 Standard) Conductor: (1) Material: High-purity oxygen-free Tinned Copper (2) Copper Number/Wire Diameter 37/0.425±0.01mm (3) Over Diameter 2.98±0.10mm INSULATION: (1) Material: FEP (2) AVG Thickness of Insu 0.51mm/Min Thickness of Insu 0.46mm (3) Over Diameter: 4.0±0.15mm Marking Content:E300956 AWM 10370 10AWG 200℃ 1000V VW-1 GUANGDONG HAERKN NEW ENERGY CO.,LTD c AWM 10AWG 200℃ 1000V I A FT1 ROHS Material: FEP(Fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) Non-stick coatings melt flow during baking to form a non-porous film, having excellent chemical stability, excellent non-stick properties, the maximum temperature of 200 ℃. Product feature: There is excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any organic solvents, can be resistant to oil, acid, alkali, strong oxidants, etc .; has excellent electrical insulation properties of high voltage, high frequency loss, non-hygroscopic, high insulation resistance; Has excellent flame resistance, anti-aging properties, long service life Product application: Electronics industry: ...

Ancor 764998 Marine Grade Electrical Wire Seal (Round Cable, 18 to 10-Gauge, 3/8-Inch NPT)

Marine Grade Electrical Wire Seal - Round Cable, 18 to 10 AWG, 3/8" NPTMade of Nylon 6/6 flame resistant, self extinguishing Buna-N form seal. All seals exceed NMEA 4 x or 6 specs. Overlapping clamping spines allow for superior pull-out protection and resistance. Strain relief fittings are resistant to salt water and acid.Features:Round Cable18 to 10-Gauge/AWG3/8" NPT

Marinco 30 Amp Power Cord PLUS Cordset - 50 ft yellow in sleeve pack

New 30a 125v Powercord Plus Cordset With Led marinco/guest/afi/nicro/bep 199119 Rating 30A 125V Length 50' Yellow : Boatside connector features a molded-in LED power indicator light. When it glows red you know you have power to the boat. Both plug and connector ends are molded to fit the contour of your hand. When the thumb-print is in the 12 O'clock position the blades line up for easy connection. Easy Lock system quickly locks the cord set to the inlet in just 1/8 of a turn. The exclusive locking tabs engage slots built into all Marinco inlets. 5 Year warranty.