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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Hulk & Iron Man: Triple Threat (v. 1)

Superheroes Spiderman, Iron Man, and the Hulk join forces to battle against villains, aliens, and legendary creatures that threaten New York City.

World of Reading: Hulk: This is Hulk: Level 1 (World of Reading (eBook))

The Marvel Heroes of Reading line of early readers is designed to offer reluctant readers, specifically boys, books that they will want to read by featuring characters they love. The series is broken into three levels that invoke the rigorous training courses their favorite Marvel heroes must engage in to perfect their super powers. In reading this series, kids will prefect their own power to read. This is Hulk introduces readers to Bruce Banner and how he became the hero known as Hulk!

Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol. 1: Misunderstood Monster (v. 1)

Explains how brilliant scientist Bruce Banner was cursed to transform into the rampaging Hulk, why his girlfriend left him, and why Rick Jones blames himself for creating the monster.

Phase One: The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Bruce Banner was once just a shy scientist. But after a devastating lab accident, he became The Incredible Hulk. Join the action as this Super Hero fights against Abomination in his complete origin story as told in The Incredible Hulk. Re-live all of The Avengers' individual stories before they reassemble in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. © 2015 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Marvel Adventures Hulk - Volume 3: Strongest One There is (v. 3)

Following the Gamma Bomb experiment that caused his transformation, scientist Bruce Banner lives on the run, hoping to find a cure to rid himself of the rampaging Hulk.

Marvel Adventures Hulk - Volume 4: Tales to Astonish (v. 4)

Doctor Bruce Banner and his loyal friend Rick battle mutants, mummies, and aliens while searching for a cure to the gamma radiation that turns Banner into the Hulk when he gets angry.

Marvel Action: Avengers: The New Danger (Book One)

A new era of all-out Avengers action begins!A new team is formed to battle a mega-sized threat that is weirder and wilder than any the superheroes have met before! The New Danger will be the perfect opportunity for middle grade readers, and fans of all ages, to experience the thrilling adventures of Avengers comics for the first time!Collects issues #1-3.

Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol. 2: Defenders (v. 2)

Brilliant scientist Bruce Banner continues to transform into the rampaging Hulk while saving the world from evildoers with the help of Dr. Strange, the Silver Surfer, and Namor.

Hulk vs. Abomination (Marvel Super Hero vs. Book, A)

The incredible Hulk is the strongest Super Hero in the world, but he''s about to meet the equally strong Abomination! And unlike Hulk, the Abomination''s intelligence is still intact. Will Hulk meet his match when these two powerful green titans collide?

Marvel Adventures Hulk (2007-2008) #1

The debut of the newest member of the critically-acclaimed MARVEL ADVENTURES line! Caught in a blast of gamma radiation, brilliant scientist Bruce Banner now finds himself in times of stress turning into the living engine of destruction know as THE INCREDIBLE HULK!