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Rocket Raccoon & Groot: The Complete Collection

After the Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded, Rocket Raccoon settled into a quiet life with a steady job in a mailroom. But when a killer clown made of sentient wood attacks him at work, the trigger-fingered and quick-witted hero must journey to Planet X - home of his old buddy Groot, the giant tree-creature - in search of answers! The cosmic dream team is reunited at last! Then: Mojo, bloated entertainment mogul of the Mojoverse, battles Rocket Raccoon and Groot...onstage! It's a high-stakes campy cosmic free-for-all! Plus: get caught up on the early adventures of Rocket and Groot! COLLECTING: Tales to Astonish (1959) 13 (Groot story ), Incredible Hulk (1968) 271, Rocket Raccoon 1-4, Marvel Preview 7 (Sword in the Star story ), Annihilators 1-4 (Rocket Raccoon & Groot stories ), Annihilators : Earthfall 1-4 (Rocket Raccoon & Groot stories )

Rocket Raccoon: Grounded

He's used to having a whole galaxy to guard, but now Rocket has found himself stuck in the absolute last place he'd want to be - the backwards, no-class, pit of a planet called Earth! It's where those dumb furry things that people say he looks like are from! One thing is clear. The how doesn't matter...nor does the who or what that gets in his way...he's gotta get off this mudball. Now! But that's easier said than done... COLLECTING: ROCKET RACCOON (2016) 1-5 GROUNDED

Rocket Raccoon & Groot Vol. 0: Bite and Bark (Rocket Raccoon and Groot)

They're your favorite Guardians. They're everyone's favorite Guardians! And this is what they get up to when they're not on Guard duty! Rocket is the last of his kind, but that might not be the case for long when he's framed for murder - can he prove his innocence, and save his own life? Rocket must try to fi x his past mistakes, journey to the dreaded Winter Planet and risk everything to rescue his best bud! Who's that, you say? He is Groot! And he has to step up in turn when Rocket gets raccoon-napped!COLLECTING: ROCKET RACCOON (2014) 1-11, GROOT 1-6, MATERIAL FROM GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: TOMORROW'S AVENGERS 1

Rocket Raccoon & Groot Vol. 1: Tricks of the Trade (Rocket Raccoon and Groot)

There's a new criminal mastermind in the galaxy, and it's...ROCKET RACCOON?! How did this happen? SERIOUSLY, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, YOU GUYS??? Groot knows, but he's not talking! Well, he is talking, but all he's saying is...oh, you know. Diabolical danger, madcap mysteries and astonishing adventure abound as SKOTTIE YOUNG and FILIPE ANDRADE return to tell tall tail tales of Rocket Raccoon, now with the adorable, arboreal Groot along for the ride! If you love adventure, animals, outer space and just about anything in between, this is the book for you!COLLECTING: ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT 1-6

Rocket Raccoon and Groot Vol. 2: Civil War II (Rocket Raccoon and Groot (2016))

Collects Rocket Raccoon & Groot #7-10.Rocket and Groot put the fun back in funeral! But any mirth is only hiding a certain Raccoon's grief at the death of his mentor in con-artistry. The next era begins for the Guardians of the Galaxy's lovable double act, with new insight into Rocket's mysterious past! But then CIVIL WAR II reaches our heroes! It's been destroying friendships across the Marvel Universe, but when Captain Marvel enlists her Guardian pals, surely it won't divide these BFFs. After all, they are Groot, right? Even if R & G choose the same side, can they possibly survive a screwball encounter with the unbelievable Gwenpool? They're all after a bounty in Georgia, and you know what that means: War! It'll be hilarious, just don't count on it being Civil!

Rocket: The Blue River Score

Get ready for a life of spacecrime with Rocket! It's a dirty universe out there, even when you're not regularly mistaken for trash-foraging vermin. And it's about to get dirtier. He thought his paws were clean, that he was on the up-and-up. But then an old flame swam back into his life, and he was back in the game...the heist game. If you need a safe cracked, a vault busted or a score taken...ask for Rocket. Just don't call him a raccoon. COLLECTING: ROCKET (2017) 1-5

Rocket Raccon Vol. 1: A Chasing Tale

Rocket Raccoon is the last of his kind: a hero to the weak, a champion of good, a swashbuckling pioneer of valor (and guns). But his life of adventure may end abruptly when he's framed for murder - and the authorities aren't the only ones on his tail! (Get it?) There's another "Rocket Raccoon" out there, but the universe just ain't big enough! The lookalike killer is one step ahead of Rocket; now, it's up to our hero and his pal Groot, to find the truth! Can Rocket make it out alive and clear his name? COLLECTING: ROCKET RACCOON 1-6

By Bill Mantlo Rocket Raccoon & Groot: The Complete Collection (First Edition)

[ Rocket Raccoon and Groot Mantlo, Bill ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2013

Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Figure, 6-Inch

Intergalactic bounty hunter Rocket Raccoon and his partner Groot are hot on the trail of their next big payday: the human known as Star-Lord! The Guardians of the Galaxy need all the help they can get to save the cosmos from destruction and this is your chance to build them a mighty ally! This 6-inch Rocket Raccoon figure looks just like Peter Quill and he's ready for battle with his laser pistol in his hand. But he also comes with the head and upper torso parts you need to build the plant-humanoid warrior Groot! Collect all 6 parts (other figures sold separately) and complete the hero's body! Then send your Rocket Raccoon and other figures (sold separately) into battle at his side. The action is epic when you build your own Groot figure! Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V.

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Complete Hand Collated Set of 90 Cards Includes the following characters Captain America, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Scarlet Witch, Star-Lord, Thanos, Ultimate Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Cable, Black Panther, Gamora, Iron Fist, Thor, Black Widow, Spider-Gwen, Psylocke, Winter Soldier, Punisher, Bishop, Hela, Nick Fury, She-Hulk, Black Cat, Drax The Destroyer, Rogue, Loki, Luke Cage, Groot, Magneto, Deadpool and others

2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Complete NonSport Set of 90 Cards #1 Captain America #2 Captain Marvel #3 Colossus #4 Cyclops #5 Daredevil #6 Hulk #7 Kitty Pryde #8 Lockheed #9 Rocket Raccoon #10 Ronin #11 Sabretooth #12 Scarlet Witch #13 Star-Lord #14 Taskmaster #15 Thanos #16 Ultimate Iron Man #17 Spider-Woman #18 Vision #19 Wolverine #20 War Machine #21 Nightcrawler #22 Emma Frost #23 Cannonball #24 Doctor Strange #25 Cable #26 Black Panther #27 Radioactive Man #28 Gamora #29 Iron Fist #30 Iron Man #31 Thor #32 Lockjaw #33 Black Bolt #34 Beast #35 Baron Zemo #36 Black Widow #37 Spider-Gwen #38 Psylocke #39 Angel #40 Winter Soldier #41 Enchantress #42 Leader #43 Chamber #44 Punisher #45 Bishop #46 Hela #47 Green Goblin #48 Iceman #49 Nick Fury #50 Namor #51 Quicksilver #52 She-Hulk #53 Black Swan #54 Blindfold #55 Darkhawk #56 Magik #57 Nightmask #58 Moon Knight #59 Hyperion #60 Black Cat #61 Drax The Destroyer #62 Paladin #63 Rogue #64 Misty Knight #65 Shroud #66 Speedball #67 White Tiger #68 Loki #69 Luke Cage #70 Havok #71 Groot #72 Amadeus Cho #73 Magneto #74 Mockingbird #75 Red Hulk #76 Hawkeye #77 Nova #78 Storm #79 Ultimate Spider-Man #80 Ultimate Venom #81 Sentry #82 Gladiator #83 Death Locket #84 Manifold #85 Valkyrie #86 Hope #87 Whirlwind #88 Ulysses Klaw #89 Warpat...