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Fantastic Four Marvel Legends The Human Torch Exclusive Action Figure

Flame On! Johnny Storm suits up to command the heat as the scorching hot hero. The Human Torch!

Marvel Legends Series 2 > Human Torch action figure

Marvel Legends Series 2 > Human Torch (4 on Chest) action figure

Marvel Legends Human Torch Fantastic 4 Variant

Marvel Legends Human Torch is plastic based figure with an accessory and comes with a comic book.

Marvel Legends Icons Series - Human Torch

The 12â? Marvel Icons are larger counterparts to Marvel Legends with 30 points of articulation. Each Icon includes an interactive display base and a book with a full history of the character. This version of the Human Torch depicts his ignited form, his red-orange body imbued with the familiar line textures and adorned by tongues of yellow-orange flame. The Torchâ?TMs Johnny Storm likeness remains recognizable, as does the â??4â? emblem on his chest. The result of cosmic ray bombardment, the Human Torch is imbued with the ability to personify and control fire. Heâ?TMs equipped with flight capability, the ability to vaporize objects of varying description, and the ability to generate nova intensity. Originally relegated by oxygen, the Human Torchâ?TMs powers have suffered varying levels of curtailment. Earlier on, the Human Torch was the melodramatic teenage of the Fantastic Four, although eventually he leveled out to become a slightly more earnest character.

Marvel Legends Showdown Booster Pack - "Beast"

Marvel Legends Showdown BEAST 4 inches tall action figure Booster Pack.

Marvel Fantastic Four Legends Series 1 > Human Torch Action Figure

Marvel Legends Hasbro Fantastic Four Action Figures Series 1: The Human Torch

AYB Products The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer Marvel Legends Series Complete Store Exclusive 5-Pack 6" Action Figures The Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic

MARVEL HERO FIGURESComplete set of The Fantastic Four - Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing and Human Torch. Along for the ride is the awesome Silver Surfer. Complete set of Five action figures, each 6" in height. The Complete Fantastic Four Store Exclusive Set!