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toy biz marvel legends - 287 items found | Last update: 25 April 2019 - 14:15:15

Toy Biz Marvel Legends Series 4 Punisher Action Figure

Scum beware! The man is here and he ain't takin' any prisoners. Fans will go nuts for The Punisher with many extra weapons and a cool base from Toy Biz!

Marvel Legends Exclusive Series Action Figure Captain Britain with Giant Man ...

Name: Captain BritainPackaging: Bi-LingualSpecial Feature Alert: Each Figure from this line-up will have a piece of Giant Man! Collect all the figures and build this awesome Giant Man action figure!Manufacturer: Toy BizSeries: Marvel LegendsRelease Date: July 2006

Marvel Legends Series 3 Action Figure Wolverine

Snikt! Those poor Hellfire Club minions. They fall down! Now that is a cool base. Wolverine comes in his classic yellow costume (what do you want him to wear, black leather?) and is super articulated and comes with a free comic. Don't pass him up, bub.

Marvel Legends - Legendary Rider Series - Wonder Man Action Figure 2005

The Legendary Riders Series features a special collection of Marvel Legends. Each 6 inch figure features the poseability and detail that fans expect. In addition to the full-page comic or poster book, each figure in this series will come with a character-dedicated transport.

Marvel Legends Longshot Figure - Toy Biz Mojo Build A Figure Series

Meticulous attention to detail, unbelievable articulation, and mammoth selection have all been hallmarks of every Marvel Legends action figure. In 2006, the tradition of quality and variety continues with yet another breathtaking line-up for both kids and collectors. This assortment includes super-articulated standard and variant characters that you can pose in every way imaginable.

Marvel Legends Series 14 Action Figure 1st Appearance Iron Man

Series 14 known as the Mojo Series is jam-packed with some of the most desired figures to date! Each figure features a top-notch paint application as well as the sculpting and articulation you've come to know from Marvel Legends!Collect the whole set and you can form the large figure - MOJO

Marvel Legends Mojo Series 14 Psylocke Action Figure

Marvel Legends continues its quest to satisfy the demand for realistic replicas of the most famous and most popular characters in the world. Toy Biz is pleased to present this latest wave of Marvel Legends- filled with more heroes, more villains, and more goodies than ever before! Each of the magnificently sculpted 6" action figures in this set features our trademark 30+ points of articulation which lets you position the characters in their signature poses, making play more realistic and collecting more interesting. If you're looking for pose references, the included comic book with each figure features the character in one of his most popular stories serves as an excellent starting point. Plus, every variant and standard figure in this series comes packed with a bonus "Build-a-Figure" piece-collect all the action figures and use the pieces to build your very own deluxe figure of the maniacal Mojo-ruler of Mojoworld!