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Marvel Legends Longshot Figure - Toy Biz Mojo Build A Figure Series

Meticulous attention to detail, unbelievable articulation, and mammoth selection have all been hallmarks of every Marvel Legends action figure. In 2006, the tradition of quality and variety continues with yet another breathtaking line-up for both kids and collectors. This assortment includes super-articulated standard and variant characters that you can pose in every way imaginable.

Marvel Legends Series 9 (Galactus Series) Action Figure - 1st Appearance Gray Hulk

Caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion, victim of gamma radiation gone wild, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner now finds himself transformed during times of stress into the dark personification of his repressed rage and fury - the most powerful man-like creature ever to walk the face of the Earth! The Hulk possesses superhuman strength that increases as he becomes enraged, can leap vast distances and has demonstrated a powerful healing factor. The Hulk is a living, breathing engine of destruction! Features 34 points of articulation and includes a 32 page comic book and "left arm" (1 of 7 pieces) of 16" Galactus.

Marvel Legends Series 2 the Incredible Hulk with White T-shirt Action Figure By Toy Biz

the hulk series 2 . Marvel legends, This item is in great shape and the the case is in mint condition

Marvel Legends Exclusive Series Action Figure Captain Britain with Giant Man ...

The spirit of Britannia, Captain Britain, was the leader of the UK mutant team - Excalibur. Along with Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and Rachael Summers (Phoenix), they faced down a number of threats but never amounted to much more than a junior league X-Men. After some different adventures with The Knights of Pendragon and Otherworld, he is now affiliated with MI-13. This figure shows the good Captain during his most well-known run with Excalibur in his stylized Union Jack costume.

Marvel Legends Giant Man Series - Weapon X Burned Head Variant Figure - Wal-Mart Exclusive

Wolverine/Weapon X is having a bad day. Not only has his entire world been changed into the alternate reality Age of Apocalypse, now his head has been burnt to crisp! This rare version was only included with the first shipments of this Wal-Mart exclusive series.

Marvel Legends Series 3 Action Figure Wolverine

He is the best he is at what he does, and what he does isn't very pretty. This Marvel Legends figure captures the berserker fury of the Byrne/Claremont era Wolverine. Featured in his original yellow and black stripe costume and a base littered with the bodies of Hellfire club lackeys, this Wolverine is ready for action!

Toy Biz World Wide Marvel Legends: Galactus Series - Bullseye 6" Action Figure

The second 2005 series of Marvel Legends is going to have fans hunting for figures like never before.

Marvel Legends Series 4 Action Figure Punisher

It has all the classic detailing of the Punisher from the "WAR ZONE" days... weapons, ammo pouches, and gotta love that five o'clock shadow. This action figure is tough and fully articulated. Also, it includes a beautifully detailed stand, which can be hung on any wall or bookshelf.