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Transformers Leader Optimus Prime

With the destruction of MEGATRONÂ, OPTIMUS PRIMEÂ thought that he was finally, after millions of years, at peace. Little did he know that the escape of STARSCREAMÂ would draw dozens of new DECEPTICONSÂ to Earth. The desire that burns brightest in his Spark is that the war will soon end. He is determined to see that end come, and so he works with his human comrades and the other AUTOBOTSÂ to hunt the DECEPTICONS that have come to Earth, and destroy them, one by one. Prepare for battle with this AUTOBOTÂ leader by your side! In robot mode, this mighty warrior features electronic speech and light-up eyes and chest that are sure to discourage enemy attackers! With snap-out energy swords, this good guy is ready to take on DECEPTICON forces once and for all! In tough truck mode, get in gear with engine revving and racing sounds and cool conversion sounds that let you know this hero means business! MECH ALIVE gearing reveals moving armor panels and internal gears that let you recreate some of your favorite movie scenes â or create your own! Team up with this awesome ally and roll out!

Transformers Toys Studio Series 35 Leader Class Revenge of The Fallen Movie Jetfire Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and Up, 8.5-inch

Reach past the big screen and build the ultimate Transformers collection with Studio Series figures, inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers movie universe.In the Pyramid Desert Battle scene from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Jetfire makes the ultimate sacrifice, heroically giving up his parts to restore and strengthen Optimus Prime.This Studio Series 35 Voyager Class Jetfire figure features vivid, movie-inspired deco and converts from robot to jet mode in 36 steps. Remove backdrop to showcase Jetfire in the Pyramid Desert Battle scene. Includes 3 detailed accessories including cane and battle axe accessories.Lockheed Martin® SR-71 Blackbird®, associated emblems and logos, and body designs of vehicles are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation in the USA and/or other jurisdictions, used under license by DreamWorks, LLC.Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Studio Series Transformers Voyager Revenge of The Fallen ROTF Movie Megatron

Transformers Studio Series 13 Voyager Class Movie 2 Revenge of The Fallen Megatron. Welcome to the incredible world of Transformers robots. It is a world of high technology, ancient history, and a battle that has spanned the entire galaxy and millions of years. Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots, battles the tyrant Megatron and his evil Deceptions for the fate of freedom across the universe. There's a Transformers figure for every kid or collector. From big converting action figures to miniature battling robots to figures that change between modes in 1 step, you can team up with Transformers toys to create your own incredible adventures. Whether you're defending Earth with the Autobots, or conquering space with the Deceptions, the action is up to you. Transformers is a world-famous entertainment brand with 30 years of history, blockbuster movies, hit television shows and countless novels and comic books. With Transformers robot toys, you can create your own chapters in this epic, ongoing story. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Collect the entire line of Transformers Studio Series Action Figures: Leader Class Grimlock, Leader Class Blackout, Leader Class Megatron, Leader Class Jetfire, Voyager Class Megatron, Voyager Class Brawl, Voyager ...