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Myths and Legends of the Celts (Penguin Reference)

Myths and Legends of the Celts is a fascinating and wide-ranging introduction to the mythology of the peoples who inhabited the northwestern fringes of Europe - from Britain and the Isle of Man to Gaul and Brittany.Drawing on recent historical and archaeological research, as well as literary and oral sources, the guide looks at the gods and goddesses of Celtic myth; at the nature of Celtic religion, with its rituals of sun and moon worship; and at the druids who served society as judges, diviners and philosophers. It also examines the many Celtic deities who were linked with animals and such natural phenomena as rivers and caves, or who later became associated with local Christian saints. And it explores in detail the rich variety of Celtic myths: from early legends of King Arthur to the stories of the Welsh Mabinogi, and from tales of heroes including Cúchulainn, Fionn mac Cumhaill and the warrior queen Medb to tales of shadowy otherworlds - the homes of spirits and fairies. What emerges is a wonderfully diverse and fertile tradition of myth making that has captured the imagination of countless generations, introduced and explained here with compelling insight.

True Tales and Amazing Legends of the Old West: From True West Magazine

Much has been written about the west—most of it clouded by exaggeration and fabrication. Since 1953, True West magazine has been devoted to celebrating the West’s true colors, giving the men and women who settled there accurate voices, exploring every triumph and tragedy of their time—and exposing every vice and virtue.True Tales and Amazing Legends of the Old West commemorates these unforgettable cowboys, Indians, and city slickers through a mix of classic histories and brand-new narratives, all illustrated with photographs—many reproduced here for the first time—of the people and places that gave rise to America’s Western mythology.With twenty-six stories that blend fact with folklore, this collection abounds with accounts of the famous and the infamous, including Sacagawea, Wild Bill Hickok, Pancho Villa, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Davy Crockett, and Wyatt Earp. Also here are lesser-known figures whose stories were pivotal to shaping the culture of the era, such as European conquistador Francisco Coronado, rancher “Black Billy” Hill, and fearless lawman Orlando “Rube” Robbins. Other tales recount the wide open plains, lawlessness, drama, mayhem, and promise embodied in the Old West. Whether you’re a history buff, an Old West devotee, or simply so...

SLONG Western Myths and Legends of The Spitfire Blue Dragon Model Collection Flying Dinosaur Toys Sile and boy Gifts

/ Trate de hacer que cada producto reproduzca su encanto vivo /Información del productoNombre del producto: Blue Dragon ModelTamaño del producto: 14 * 15 * 11 cmMaterial del producto: resina natural, poliéster artificial.Edad adecuada: 3 años o más.Método de colorear: colorear a mano

Legends & Lore of Western Pennsylvania (American Legends)

Oppaymolleah's curse. General Braddock's buried gold. The Original Man of Steel, Joe Magarac. Such legends have found a home among the rich folklore of Western Pennsylvania. Thomas White spins a beguiling yarn with tales that reach from the misty hollows of the Alleghenies to the lost islands of Pittsburgh. White invites readers to learn the truth behind the urban legend of the Green Man, speculate on the conspiracy surrounding the lost B-25 bomber of Monongahela and shiver over the ghostly lore of Western Pennsylvania.

Home Comforts F. Sionil Jose - Famous Quotes Laminated Poster Print 24x20 - Literature - Eastern and Western - abounds with Stories, Myths, Legends About The Search for Youth, for Eternal Life.

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Artisfive Grandpa The Man The Myth The Legend Unisex Baby Onesies Infant Bodysuit

Artisfive Grandpa The Man The Myth The Legend Unisex Baby Onesies Infant BodysuitPlease check about below size chartAge--Chest*2--Top Length0-3 Months--23cm/9.05'--38cm/15.0'3-6 Months--24cm/9.45'--40cm/15.7'6-9 Months--25cm/9.84'--42cm/16.5'9-12 Months--26cm/10.24'--44cm/17.3'12-18 Months--27cm/10.63'--46cm/18.1'18-24 Months--28cm/11.02'--48cm/18.9'

FREE SHIPPING! DAD the Veteran The Myth The Legend Burlap Country Rustic Chic Wedding Sign Western Home Décor

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German Hero-sagas and Folk-tales (Oxford Myths and Legends)

This collection includes the splendid legends of the great German heroes, among them the story of Gudrun, and the saga of Siegfried and the vengeance of Kriemhild. There is also a lively collection of traditional folk tales, with the escapades of the rascally Till Eulenspiegel, and stories such as The Mousetower and The Ratcatcher of Hamelin.