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Accounting Best Practices

ACCOUNTING BEST PRACTICES Seventh Edition Today's accounting staffs are called on to work magic: process transactions, write reports, improve efficiency, create new processes—all at the lowest possible cost, using an ever-shrinking proportion of total corporate expenses. Sound impossible? Not if your staff is using the best practices for accounting. Fully updated in a new edition, Accounting Best Practices, Seventh Edition draws from renowned accounting leader Steven Bragg's extensive experience in successfully developing, operating, and consulting various accounting departments. This invaluable resource has the at-your-fingertips information you need, whether you've been searching for ways to cut costs in your accounting department, or just want to offer more services without the added expense. The best practices featured in this excellent step-by-step manual constitute need-to-know information concerning the most advanced techniques and strategies for increasing productivity, reducing costs, and monitoring existing accounting systems. This new edition boasts over 400 best practices, with fifty new to this edition in the areas of taxation, finance, collections, general ledger, accounts payable, and billing. Now featuring a corresponding seven-minute podcast for each chapter fo...

Accounting Best Practices

Everything you need to know to turn your adequate practices into Best Practices Accounting Best Practices provides you with the most advanced techniques and strategies available today to help your business cut costs and improve accounting operations-regardless of your company's size or holdings. Whether you are targeting specific areas or simply need a comprehensive overview, the leading expert in the field of accounting best practices shows you precisely how to tailor best practices to fit your needs. Featuring an easy-to-read format, and covering a wide variety of accounting areas, including billing, budgeting, cash management, collections, commissions, costing, filing, financial statements, general ledger, inventory, and payroll, this essential accounting reference will help enhance and optimize your financial bottom line. In addition, you'll also find: * Complete details on the latest best practices implemented by companies today * Flowcharts of some of the most complex best practices available * Several concise indices of best practices, classified by type of result and functional area within the accounting field * Numerous appendices cross-referencing the best practices to help you easily customize the best practices for your business * And much more Whether you are an acco...

The Lean Accounting Guidebook: Third Edition: How to Create a World-Class Accounting Department

The Lean Accounting Guidebook shows the accountant how to save money and minimize errors by streamlining the accounting department. It does so by describing more than 150 improvement tips for billing, collections, cost accounting, fixed assets, payables, payroll, and more. The accountant can use such tools as value stream mapping, flowcharting, traffic analysis, and measurement systems to decide which improvements would be the most useful to install. In short, this book provides the accountant with a complete toolkit of improvement solutions.

Construction Accounting: A Practitioner's Guide

Construction Accounting addresses every aspect of the accounting for a construction business. The intent is to not only explain accounting concepts, but also provide examples and show how an accounting system can be constructed and operated. The book pays particular attention to unique aspects of construction accounting that are not encountered in other industries, including the job cost ledger, change orders, back charges, percentage of completion calculations, and the treatment of anticipated losses on contracts. In short, Construction Accounting is the go-to source for information about the accounting for a construction firm.

Inventory Best Practices

The latest best practices for the inventory function "I don't know how he does it, but Steven Bragg makes reading about a subject such as inventory interesting, informative, and very useful. Reading and implementing even some of the best practices in this book will improve your company. I highly recommend this book for people who deal with inventory and for their managers." -- Gail W. Sevier, CPA Member/Manager, Marrs, Sevier & Company LLC Inventory Best Practices is a powerful tool for selecting best practices that will result in measured improvement in a full range of industry-specific issues and inventory flow concepts. Nearly 200 best practices from today's leading companies address every phase of inventory activities: * Purchase * Receipt * Storage * Picking * Shipment Inventory Best Practices provides controllers, inventory managers, and CFOs across a broad range of industries with expert methodologies and techniques for driving costs down.

Accounting Control Best Practices

Accounting Control Best Practices, Second Edition Control systems are needed to ensure that a company's assets are used in the most productive manner and that they are not lost through fraudulent activities. However, an excessive use of controls can interfere with the efficient completion of activities within a company. Whether your company is in start-up mode, installing new systems, or simply dissatisfied with existing controls due to fraudulent losses, Accounting Control Best Practices, Second Edition is the reference handbook every accountant and systems analyst can use to ensure that their company has constructed a durable and efficient set of controls. This easy-to-use handbook clearly explains how to develop an effective system of accounting and operational controls and offers the best practices with pragmatic insights and proactive strategies to protect organizations from suffering further substantial losses of assets and reputation that occur from financial dishonesty within an organization. Author and renowned accounting expert Steven Bragg provides control flowcharts in every chapter for all major processes as well as a thorough set of corporate policies designed to support the system of controls. Now containing chapters on budgeting, collections, and acquisition integ...

Closing the Books: Fourth Edition: An Accountant's Guide

Closing the books is one of the key functions of the accounting department. Closing the Books reveals how to do so promptly and accurately, so that financial statements can be issued shortly after the end of the reporting period. The book discusses the entire process of how information is summarized into the financial statements, as well as the many reporting formats that are available. It covers the full range of closing steps, and shows how to fine-tune the closing process to achieve a shorter close. In addition, the book addresses the controls and record keeping needed for the closing process.

The Lean Accounting Guidebook: Second Edition: How to Create a World-Class Accounting Department

The Lean Accounting Guidebook reveals how to streamline the accounting department with over 150 improvement tips for billing, collections, cost accounting, fixed assets, payables, payroll, and more. The book describes how to use value stream mapping, flow charting, traffic analysis, and measurement systems to decide which changes to make, including discussions of how to maximize the value created by the various improvements.

Accounting and Finance for Your Small Business

"Once again, Bragg has turned his discerning eye and formidable talents on a topic and the results are outstanding. Both those new to the business and the long-established entrepreneur will benefit greatly when he joins forces with E. James Burton to produce this outstanding work." —Mary S. Schaeffer, Editorial Director Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow "I use the tips and practices found in [this book] all through the year. They are clear, direct, and efficient-which, in turn, improves our company and our bottom line. I recommend [this book] to anyone wanting to improve their own bottom line." —D. R. Drum, CIO, CSO Engineering/Accounting, Dragon Moon Productions "Eminently accessible, this book is a must-read for the entrepreneur, both new and established alike. Organizationally, the work flows smoothly and logically in a way that is valuable for the start-up as well as the veteran needing a refresher on specific aspects of the small business accounting/financing picture. I found particularly useful the rich resourcefulness that Messrs Burton and Bragg brought to the table in compiling the essential checklists for every conceivable corner of the entrepreneur's financial realm from fraud prevention to financing options. As a small business owner myself, I was well pleased with ...