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Bais Yaakov Cookbook #2

An exclusive collection of traditional and contemporary recipes to elevate Shabbos, Yom tov and the everyday

Bais Yaakov Cookbook

Get this year's best-selling Kosher cookbook - 50,000 already sold!Much more than just another kosher cookbook, this unique cookbook is a first of its kind, containing a wealth of information.200 original recipes with stunning, full color photographyA personal brocha and challah recipe from Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky a"hA pictorial history of Sara Schneirer and the Bais Yaakov movementComprehensive section of Halachos of cooking in the kitchenGuide to complex brachos situationsColor guide to checking fruits and vegetables Tips on shopping for, preparing, and serving gourmet mealsComprehensive guide to shopping for meat, wine, cookware, etc.This special cookbook belongs in the kitchen of every kosher home!

Millennial Kosher: recipes reinvented for the modern palate

Chanie Apfelbaum, creator of world-renowned kosher food blog Busy In Brooklyn, makes her cookbook debut with a collection of modern, cultural, trendy, and bold dishes that reflect her passion for reinventing traditional foods with a Millennial vibe. Millennial Kosher features: -Over 150 innovative recipes for everyday and holiday meals -Beautiful color photos for every dish -Meatless Meals section includes dairy-free and vegetarian options -Guide to kosher meat cookery -Comprehensive tools and ingredient list The millennial kosher kitchen is one in which food is reinvented and reimagined in new and exciting ways. It includes ingredients that are healthier, fresher, and more vibrant than ever before. Yesterday's margarine is today's coconut oil, bone broth is the new chicken soup, and the onion soup mix of our youth is replaced with umami-rich porcini mushroom powder. Today, kosher food is spicier and bolder than the food we grew up eating. There's an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients, less processed foods, and healthier nondairy alternatives. Modern kosher food reinterprets and reinvents tradition, while still staying true to our heritage. It's food that's influenced by cultural cuisine and not limited to, but inspired by, kosher guidelines. There is still a place for t...

Real Life Kosher Cooking:family-friendly recipes for every day and special occasions.

Hundreds of thousands of home cooks turn to Miriam Pascal s overtimecook.com food site. They know that they will find recipes there for food that is wholesome yet elegant, adventurous yet doable - and fun! Thousands of her fans asked for it, and now, finally, here it is: Miriam's stunning collection of recipes for real life cooking- and real people.In Real Life Kosher Cooking Miriam shows us that you don't need hard-to-find ingredients or pricey equipment to make interesting food; all you need is a touch of passion, a dash of caring, and a hearty helping of creativity.Real Life Kosher Cooking: It's about creating delicious food for the life you live.Over 160 doable recipes you'll make again and againMouthwatering photo for every dishAccessible, easy-to-find ingredientsEasy-to-follow instructionsMenu suggestions for family and special occasions"Plan Ahead" and/or freezer tips for each recipePesach substitutions guideComprehensive Index

The Silver Platter: Simple to Spectacular Wholesome, Family-Friendly Recipes

Daniella Silver, an exciting new personality in the world of Jewish cooking, combines an amazing sense of style and presentation with an understanding of what makes food wholesome and nutritious and of what families want to eat. In The Silver Platter she brings us more than 160 recipes that allow us to explore new dishes, tastes, and presentations, all while keeping our families happy with great-tasting and wholesome food.Working closely with Norene Gilletz - the "matriarch" of kosher cuisine whose cookbooks appear regularly on bestseller lists Daniella creates dishes that are a delight to prepare, to serve, and, of course, to eat.Daniella has an extraordinary sense of color and presentation, while Norene possesses a wealth of understanding and knowledge of kosher cooking techniques. Bring them together, and it's like having two gourmet chefs with you in your kitchen!Every recipe includes easily-accessible ingredients, clear instructions, a gorgeous photograph, "Norene's Notes" with tips and techniques, as well as full nutritional information for every dish listed in an appendix. More than 80 recipes are gluten-free, perfect for Passover and for those on gluten-free diets.The Silver Platter features recipes for every occasion, from quick weeknight suppers to holiday celebrations....

A Yiddishe Kop 2x2 - Volume 2 (Hardcover, English) - Visual Brainteasers

"A Yiddishe Kop" is far more than Yiddish for, "A Jewish Head". It is a concept that crosses languages and cultures-that lives at the intersection of intelligence, imagination and wit. "A Yiddishe Kop" embodies the zest for challenge, the yearning for truth and clarity, and the honing of lucid deductive reasoning through the application of Jewish and worldly knowledge. The first volume was definitely one of a kind, but Gadi Pollack has made history twice with "A Yiddishe Kop 2x2", the second in this brain teasing series. In "A Yiddishe Kop 2x2", you will find entirely new scenes, engaging questions and an answer key in the back of the book. For obvious reasons, you mustn't peek at the answers! There is no choice but to fire up you "Yiddishe Kop" and go full steam ahead. Parents seeking creative, wholesome and stimulating entertainment for their children, will find what they are looking for in "A Yiddishe Kop 2x2". Parents shouldn't be surprised if they find themselves pouring over the pictures with wrinkled foreheads even before their children have had a chance to hold the book! This is the feedback we received from the previous volume and it takes no stretch of the imagination to assume "A Yiddishe Kop 2x2" will produce the same results. Put this book in the bookcase, but it won...

Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement: A Revolution in the Name of Tradition (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)

Sarah Schenirer is one of the unsung heroes of twentieth-century Orthodox Judaism. The Bais Yaakov schools she founded in interwar Poland had an unparalleled impact on a traditional Jewish society threatened by assimilation and modernity, educating a generation of girls to take an active part in their community. The movement grew at an astonishing pace, expanding to include high schools, teacher seminaries, summer programmes, vocational schools, and youth movements, in Poland and beyond; it continues to flourish throughout the Jewish diaspora.Naomi Seidman explores the movement through the tensions that characterized it, capturing its complexity as a revolution in the name of tradition. She presents the context which led to its founding, examining the impact of socialism, feminism, Zionism, and Polish electoral politics on the process, and recounts its history, from its foundation in interwar Kraków to its near-destruction in the Holocaust, and its role in the reconstruction of Orthodoxy in subsequent decades.A vivid portrait of Schenirer shines through. The book includes selections from her writings published in English for the first time. Her pioneering, determined character remains the subject of debate in a culture that still regards innovation, female initiative, and women'...

Perfect for Pesach: Passover recipes you'll want to make all year

Surprise your guests. Surprise yourself. And make your food Perfect for Pesach!In this debut cookbook, Naomi Nachman shares her popular recipes from over two decades of cooking and catering for Passover. Perfect for Pesach presents easy recipes that use innovative flavor combinations to create fabulous gourmet meals to enhance your holiday table. My goal is to help home cooks prepare delicious meals without making the process too complicated or exhausting , Naomi says. I want you to be as excited about cooking for Pesach as I am. These recipes are so delicious, your family and friends will be asking for them all year long. Each of the more than 125 delicious recipes features a beautifully photographed picture by kosher blogger and cookbook author, Miriam Pascal. In addition, Naomi provides numerous Cook's Tips culled from her years of professional experience. She also includes Freezer Tips, Prep Ahead, How-to information, and recommendations for basic kitchen equipment.From appetizers and starters, to main dishes and desserts, Perfect for Pesach has everything needed to create and serve the perfect holiday meal.Vivid photograph accompanies every recipe CookingTips culled from Naomi's years of professional experienceFreezing Tips ensure ease of prep-ahead cookingGuides to basic in...

The New Kosher

Kosher cooking has been redefined for the modern family.  The New Kosher is filled with healthy recipes, exquisite flavors, and a fresh sensibility for the modern lifestyle. Emphasizing fast, easy, and delicious dishes for everyday meals and special occasions, this is your comprehensive guide to kosher cooking. Kim Kushner comes from a diverse foodie background and her easygoing, mix and match style has helped her redefine kosher cooking. With over 100 recipes from all over the world, there’s something for everyone in this unique cookbook. Looking for a modern twist on a traditional dish? Try Kim’s sticky date and caramel challah bread pudding, homemade challah with za’atar everything topping, 5-minute sundried tomato hummus or Mediterranean-inspired lentil, carrot and lemon soup.  Trying to find a new family favorite? Whip up some coconut- banana muffins with dark chocolate, penne with lemon zest, pine nuts and Parmesan “pesto”, easy dill chicken and stew or a crispy rice cake with saffron crust. Need a dessert everyone will love? You can’t go wrong with recipes like deconstructed s’mores, crunchy-chewy-nutty “health” cookies, miniature peanut butter cups and dark chocolate bark with rose petals, pistachios and walnuts. Warmly written with personal narra...

Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan - The Founder of the Bais Yaakov Movement in America

Sarah Schenirer was a ground breaker in chinuch ha banos;Rebbetzin Vichna Kaplan became the architect of all that followed.Now this little-known, incredible story is finally being told.From Slonim to Baranowitz, from Brisk to Brooklyn, from the childhood of a young orphan to becoming the mother of the Bais Yaakov movement in America, this is the extraordinary biography of a true pioneer, who together with her illustrious husband, Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, revolutionized education for Jewish girls in America. Based on extensive firsthand sources, beautifully written, and filled with hundreds of vintage photographs, this mesmerizing saga becomes not only a portrait of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Kaplan but the portrait of an era. You will meet many of the past generations Gedolim, and encounter events that reshaped Jewish history. Rebbetzin Danielle Leibowitz, beloved matriarch of the Chofetz Chaim community worldwide and an early talmidah of Rebbetzin Kaplan, together with Mrs. Devora Gliksman, veteran mechaneches and author, have written a remarkable book. For every student, teacher, and parent -- this unforgettable story will bring tears to your eyes, inspiration to your heart, and strength to your soul.