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Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary, New Copyright 2016 (Spanish Edition) (English and Spanish Edition)

New Copyright, 2016! This newly updated best-selling bilingual, bidirectional dictionary is designed to help users communicate effectively in American Spanish and English and includes up-to-date coverage of essential, current vocabulary. This mass-market paperback has 80,000 entries and 130,000 translations with nearly 5,000 new translations and hundreds of new words and phrases added across a variety of fields. It has an expanded coverage of 700 core vocabulary entries with examples sentences of how the word is used in context. This is a bidirectional dictionary (English to Spanish and Spanish to English). Pronunciations are given in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Perfect for teachers, students, travelers, and language learners of all skill levels.

Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, Second Edition (English and Spanish Edition)

This 2014 revised and updated edition is ideal for English and Spanish speakers, this bidirectional dictionary defines the core vocabularies of Latin-American Spanish and American English. Abbreviated description text: This value-priced Spanish-English, with over 50,000 translations is the best bilingual reference for students. Features of this Book Over 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish sections Conjugation of Spanish Verbs Irregular English Verbs Value-priced or budget-conscious parents and teachers

Merriam-Webster's Word-for-Word Spanish-English Dictionary, New Book! 2016 copyright (Spanish and English Edition)

This title offers word-for-word equivalents for each term in Spanish and English. 50,000 bidirectional, bilingual entries (English to Spanish and Spanish to English) cover core vocabulary. Designed especially for Spanish speakers preparing for standardized tests in English. Offers user-friendly format for easy word search.

Merriam-Webster's Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary (Flexible paperback) (Pocket Reference Library) (English and Spanish Edition)

This compact guide covers essential Spanish and English vocabulary. Nearly 45,000 entries include English pronunciations given in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The book is Bidirectional: English to Spanish and Spanish to English. It includes sections on the conjugation of Spanish verbs, both regular and irregular, irregular English verbs, and Spanish and English numbers.

Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Visual Dictionary, Newest edition, flexi paperback (English and Spanish Edition)

Take a look inside! This Spanish-English Visual Dictionary is an essential teaching tool for anyone learning English or Spanish. Using 8,000 detailed, full-color illustrations the book introduces 22,500 words and concepts in both Spanish and English. It is organized by subject in specialized fields from all aspects of life, including; astronomy, the earth, human beings, the animal kingdom, plants and gardening, home, art and architecture, clothing, science and energy, sports and games and much more. It is a valuable vocabulary-building resource and language-teaching tool that is perfect for work, school, self-study, travel or simply browsing.

Oxford Spanish Mini Dictionary

This is the reissued Oxford Spanish Mini Dictionary - now in an attractive new format.This small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases and 60,000 translations. Easy-to-use color design and a center section of useful words and expressions listed by topic make this dictionary ideal for travel and quick reference. Discover more on oxforddictionaries.com, Oxford's hub for dictionaries and language reference.

Oxford Picture Dictionary Third Edition: English/Spanish Dictionary

The third edition of the best-selling Oxford Picture Dictionary provides unparalleled support for vocabulary teaching to meet the needs of today's English language learners.-4,000 English words and phrases with meaningful, real-life contexts presented within 12 thematic units, including Everyday Language, People, Housing, Food, and Recreation-New and updated topics such as job search, career planning, and digital literacy equip students with the language they need for everyday success.-Revised practice activities prepare students for work, academic study, and citizenship from the very beginning.-Pre-reading questions build students' previewing and predicting skills-High-interest reading promote literacy skills-Post-reading questions support critical thinking and textual analysis.-Workbooks at three levels provide multilevel classroom support.

Merriam-Webster Spanish and English Notebook Dictionary (English and Spanish Edition)

Merriam-Webster Spanish and English Notebook Dictionary comes in slim format and easily fits into three ring binder. Book which is a Spanish or English dictionary gives reference information in a convenient way.

Easy Spanish Phrase Book NEW EDITION: Over 700 Phrases for Everyday Use (Dover Language Guides Spanish)

Designed as a quick reference tool and an easy-to-use study guide, this inexpensive and up-to-date book offers fast, effective communications. The perfect companion for tourists and business travelers in Spain and Latin America, it features words, phrases, and sentences that cover everything from asking directions to making reservations to ordering dinner.Over 700 conveniently organized expressions include terms for modern telecommunications as well as phrases related to transportation, shopping, services, medical and emergency situations, and other common circumstances. A phonetic pronunciation accompanies each phrase.

WEBSTER Jumbo Spanish-English Dictionary

WEBSTER Jumbo 320 Pg. Spanish-English Dictionary