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black&decker firestorm drill - 14 items found | Last update: 09 February 2023 - 03:26:14

BLACK+DECKER LDX220C 20V MAX 2-Speed Cordless Drill Driver (Includes Battery and Charger)

The BLACK+DECKER LDX220C 20V MAX 2-Speed Cordless Drill Driver features a Lithium Ion battery which is always ready, and holds a charge up to 18 months. By providing an extra level of control, the 3/8 in. 11-position clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws, with the 2 speed settings which allow for better versatility among applications. This 20 battery powered drill/driver also features an LED light to illuminate the surface for easier drilling in dark spaces. Backed by BLACK+DECKER's 2 year limited warranty. Includes: (1) LDX220C 20V MAX lithium drill/driver, (1) 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery, (1) Charger.

POWERAXIS 2-Pack 12V PS130 Replacement Battery for Black & Decker PS130 FireStorm A9252 A9275 PS130 Black & Decker 12V Battery Series Cordless Drill (Black)

About POWERAXIS: POWERAXIS is specialized in design and manufacture varieties of batteries for Power Tool with good quality since 1998 ; As a top supplier of replacement power tool battery and charger, our product range covers every popular brand: Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, Panasonic, AEG, Atlas Copco, Black&Decker, Paslode,Ramset, Ryobi, Skil, Hilti, Lincoln, and Max. Specifications: Capacity: 2.0 Ah / 2000mAh Voltage: 12V Battery type: NI-CD Color: black Condition: Brand New Fit Model: Black & Decker A9252, A9275, PS130, PS130A, Firestorm PS130Compatible With:(Use"Ctrl+F" in the text) Black & Decker Firestorm 12 Volt Cordless Drill Power Tool; CD1200, CD1200K, CD1202GK, CD1202K, CD120GK, CD120GK2, CD12CA, CD12CAB, CD12CAH, CD12CB, CD12CBK, CD12CE, CD431, CD431K, CD431K2, FS12, FS200F, FS632, FSL12, GT5C390, GTC391, HP331, HP331K-2, HP331K2, HP431, KC120V, KC1251C, KC1251CN, KC1252CN, KC1261CN, KC1261F, KC1262C, KC1262F, KC1282C, KC1282F, KC12GTBK, KC12GTK, KC12GTKH, KC2000F, KC2000FK, KC2000FK-P1, MT1203B, PS1200K, PS12VK, PS12VK2, PS350, PS3500, PS3525, PS3550, PS3550K, Q100, Q120, Q125, Q129, TV250 Package Includes:2x Poweraxis Black and Decker PS130 Firestorm Replacement battery Note:*Please FULLY charge your rechargeable batteries before f...


This is an O.E.M. authorized part. Fits various BLACK AND DECKER models & OEM Part Number BDCCN24. The product is manufactured in United States.

2Pack Black & Decker 14.4V 3.0Ah HPB14 Replacement Battery for Black and Decker FireStorm HPB14 FSB14 FS140BX 499936-34 499936-35 A14 A144EX A1714 BD1444L HPD14K-2 CP14KB HP146F2 HP148F2R

Specification: Battery Type: NI-MH Battery Volt: 14.4V Capacity: 3.0Ah Compatible Models: HPB14 FSB14 499936-34 499936-35 A14 A144 A144EX A14F A1714 B-8316 BD1444L BPT1048 Fit Model: Please use "Ctrl+F" BLACK&DECKER: BD146F3, BDG14SF-2, BDGL1440, BDGL14K-2, CD142SK, CD14SFK, CDC140AK, CDC1440K, CP14K, CP14KB, EPC142K2, EPC146, EPC146BK, EPC148BK, EPC148CBK, EPC14CA , EPC14CAB, EPC14CABK, EPC14K2, FS146F4, GC1440, HP142K, HP142KD, HP146F2, HP146F2B, HP146F3B, HP146F3K, HP146FBH, HP148F2, HP148F2B, HP148F2K, HP148F2R, HP148F3B, HP148F3K, HP14K, HP14KD, HPD1400, HPD14K-2, HPS1440, KC2002F, KC2002FK, NM14, PS142K, PS142KB, PS14K2, R143F2(Radio), RD1440K, RD1441K, SS14, SX4000, SX5500, SX6000, SX7000, SX7500, SXR14, XTC143BK FIRESTORM: BD14PSK, FS1400D, FS1400D-2, FS1402D, FS14PS, FS14PSK, 499936-34, 499936-35, A14, A144, A144EX, A14F, B-8316, BD1444L, BPT1048, HPB14, FS140BX, FSB14 Warranty: 1 year limited warranty, 30 days money back. If you encounter any problems about anything, please email us to allow us an opportunity to correct any problem and we will do our best to assist you solve the issue. Tips: Full charge and full release at the first time use. It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. It helps maintain a good connection between ...

BLACK+DECKER GCO12SFB 12-Volt Ni-Cad 3/8-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver with

Providing a variable speed reverse design the Black & Decker NiCad Drill Driver Kit provides maximum drilling and driving control. Features a 24 position clutch preventing screws from stripping, soft grips provides additional comfort, slide pack battery offers easy installation and battery removal, keyless chuck makes bit changing quick and simple and stud sensor conveniently detecting studs through walls up to 3/4 thick. Includes battery, charger, storage bag and stud finder. 12V.

[Upgraded] 3600mAh Replacement for Black and Decker 12v Battery Firestorm HPB12 FS120B FSB12 FS120BX XD1200 Black & Decker 12 Volt Cordless Drill Battery Pack A1712 A12 A12-XJ A12EX-SUN Power

About SUN POWER: We specialize in designing and manufacturing varieties of power tool batteries with high quality and competitive price. Your satisfaction is on the top of our agenda. Black & Decker Drills and Drivers: (Please use "Ctrl+F") BD12PSK, BDG1200K, BDGL12K, BDID1202, CD1200SK, CD12SFK, CDC1200K, CDC120AK, CDC120ASB, CP122K, CP122KB, CP12K, CP12KB, EPC12, EPC126, EPC126BK, EPC12CA, EPC12CABK, HP122K, HP122KD, HP126F2B, HP126F2K, HP126F3B, HP126F3K, HP126FBH, HP126FSC, HP126FSH, HP126K, HP128F3B, HP12K, HP12KD, HPD1200, HPD1202, HPD1202KF, HPD12K-2, PS122K, PS122KB, PS12HAK, SS12, SX3000, SX3500, XD1200, XD1200K, XTC121 Black & Decker Impact Wrenches: SX5000, XTC12IK, XTC12IKH Black & Decker Multi-Tools: KC2000FK Black & Decker Nailers: BDBN1202 Black & Decker Screwdrivers: HP9019K Replacement Part #: HPB12, FS120B, FS120BX, FSB12, A12, A12EX, A12-XJ, A1712, B-8315, BD1204L, BD-1204L, BPT1047, Warranty : 1. 30 days money back ,1 year guarantee and 24 hours friendly customer service! 2.If you have any problems about our product, please contact us to allow us an opportunity to correct any problem and we will do our best to assist you to solve the problem. Package Content: 1 x 3.6Ah Replacement battery for Black & Decker 12v Attentions 1.Our B&D replacement batteries have...

BLACK+DECKER BDFC240 9.6 Volt to 24 Volt Battery Charger For NST1024 Stri

This is an O.E.M. authorized part. Fits various BLACK AND DECKER models & OEM Part Number BDFC240. The product is manufactured in United States.

Powerextra Upgraded 2 Pack 3700mAh 18Volt HPB18 Replacement Battery Compatible with Black and Decker HPB18 HPB18-OPE 244760-00 A1718 FS18FL FSB18 Firestorm Black and Decker 18 Volt Battery

Advantage This Battery is Designed for Black & Decker A1718 A18NH HPB18 HPB18-OPE The functions are the same as the original products Uses the highest quality cells, safe with rapid-charge technology while providing overcharge and overdischarge protection to increase the life of the battery Compatible With: HP188F2B. HP188F3B, HP188F3K, HP188F4BK, HPD1800, HPD18K-2, HPG1800, HPG18K-2, NHT518, NPP2018, NPT3118, NS118, NST1810, NST2018, NST2118, PS182KB, PS18K2, SS18, XTC183BK, XTC18BK FS1800CS, FX1800D, FS1800D-2, FS1800ID, FS1800JS, FS1800RS, FS1802D, FS1802S, FS1806CSL, FS18CS, FS18HV, FS18ID, FS18PS, FS18PSK,FS18RS, FSL18 Replacement Part numbers: BLACK & DECKER GLC2500, NHT518, NPP2018, NPT3118, NS118, NSW18, SS18, BLACK & DECKER BDGL, CCS, CD, CDC, EPC, HP, HPD, HPG, NST Package Includes : 2x pack of battery 2x pair of gloves Product Detials: Battery Capacity:3000mAh Battery Voltage: 18 V Battery Type: Ni-CD Color:Black Condition: Brand New More choices: (copy and paste code into amazon search) 2000mAh:B00DSGJL4O 2000mAh 2 pack:B00OC7W1RC 3000mAh:B00DSGHCHC Warranty : We guarantee to provide brand new high quality replacement batteries with real specifications All products come with our Powerextra is 30 days money back 12 months seller's limited...

BLACK+DECKER 18 Volt Battery NiCd 2-Pack (HPB18-OPE2)

Two rechargeable NiCd batteries. For use with all Black & Decker 18-volt outdoor power tools. Interchangeable. 18 volts. This powerful 18-volt battery lets you complete all your yard clean-up jobs without the mess and stress of wires. Long lasting, reliable, and a snap to both install and remove, the HPB18-OPE is ready to go when you are. For added peace of mind, it also comes with a 2-year warranty. Compatible with Black & Decker models NST2018, NST1810, NHT518, NS118, NPP2018, NPT3118.

[Upgraded to 3600mAh] HPB18 3.6Ah Replace for Black and Decker 18 Volt Battery Ni-Mh 244760-00 A1718 FS18FL FSB18 Firestorm Cordless Power Tools 2 Packs

Specifications: Power: 64.8Wh Voltage: 18 Volt Capacity: 3600mAh Battery type: NI-MH Condition: Brand NewAbsolutely ideal replacement battery for all past and current HPB18-OPE 18 volt Black and Decker tool and charger. Replace Original Battery: HPB18, HPB18-OPE, HPB18-OPE2, 244760-00, FSB18, FS18C, FS18BX, FS180BX, A18, FS18FL Compatible Black&Decker Model: (in alphabetical order) BD18PSK, BDGL1800, BPT318, BPT318-XE, CCS818, CCS818-2, CD182K-2, CD18SFRK, CD18SK-2, CDC180AK, CDC180ASB, CDC18GK2, DGL18K-2, EPC18, EPC182K2, EPC186, EPC186BK, EPC188, EPC188BK, EPC188CBK, EPC188XE, EPC18CABK, EPC18CAK, EPC18K2, FS188F4, GC818, GCO18SFB, GKC1817, GKC1817NH, GKC1817P, GLC2500, HP188F2B, HP188F3B, HP188F3K, HP188F4BK, HPD1800, HPD18K-2, HPG1800, HPG18K-2, KC1800Sk, KS1880S, NHT2218, NHT518, NPP2018, NPT3118, NS118, NST1118, NST1810, NST2018, NST2118, NSW18, PS182KB, PS18K2, SS18, XTC183BK, XTC18BK Package Includes: 2x 3600mAh Replacement for Black & Decker 18V Batteries1 X User manual Warranty: 12 months warranty guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee! If you have other questions, please click on Sold by Munikind above and ask a question for us, we will reply with help. Hope you get what you want !