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Toro 51667 Gutter Cleaning Kit

Gutter Cleaning Kit, Reaches Farther & Allows You To Reach Gutters On 1 Story Homes & Uneven Landscapes, Designed To Maximize Air Flow Through The Entire Tube & Direct Debris Forward, With 5 Extension Tubes, You Can Also Adjust The Length To Work In Hard To Reach Places, Fits Most Toro Blower/Vacs, Including #'s: 51574, 51592, 51599, 51602, 51609, 51617, 51618, 51619, 51621 & 51690. Gutter Cleaning Kit, 51621 & 51690.

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Kit WS25051A 2-1/2-Inch Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Accessories Designed For Gutter Cleaning

The WORKSHOP wet dry vacuum gutter cleaning kit contains shop vacuum attachments that are specially designed to clean your gutters. A user can collect the debris using the suction from the vac or blow the debris out of the gutter using the vacuum's blowing port. The gutter cleaning kit includes: 90-degree elbow to direct the shop vacuum's power, 2 additional extension wands to lengthen a user's reach, a blower nozzle to concentrate the airstream and blow debris, and a male-to-male adapter. The 2-1/2-inch diameter allows for larger-sized debris like leaves and acorns as well as maximum airflow when using the blower nozzle. * This NOT a product of, nor is it sponsored or endorsed by Shop-Vac Corp. Craftsman, or Genie. Shop-Vac is a registered trademark of Shop-Vac Corp. CRAFTSMAN is a registered trademark of KCD IP, LLC. Genie is a trademark of Genie Corp.

WORX WA4092 Universal Fit Blowers Gutter Cleaning Kit, Basic Pack

The WORX Universal Fit Gutter Cleaning Kit is the safer, ladder-free solution to maintaining clean gutters while standing on the ground. Simply place the universal fit sock over your existing gas, electric, or cordless blower. Twist the tubes together to the desired length - the hook tube on the end - and blow out debris from your gutters. Now you can stand on the ground while blowing out the debris in the gutters, no ladder needed. The gutter kit has up to an 11-foot reach. The tube design produces air flow capable of clearing dry leaves and pine needles from gutters and roof ledges. It is recommended that debris be dry for best results. Instead of dragging out the ladder and broom to clean messy, clogged gutters, use the WORXAIR Universal Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit to maintain clean gutters year around easily and safely while standing on the ground. The gutter kit's universal sock connector fits major brands' electric, gas, or cordless blowers.

Ezy Flo High Reach Gutter Cleaning Kit

Clean your gutters in minutes! simply attach the ezy Flo gutter cleaning pole to your garden hose. The pole telescopes from 6 to 15.1'. combined with your body height, it can reach up to 22', which is more than sufficient for reaching gutters of most homes. A high pressure nozzle blasts away leaves & debris, allowing your gutters to flow freely. An adjustable metal valve lets you control the water flow. Made of high quality industrial grade aluminum with foam grips for comfort. The included radial medium-stiff Water flow brush can be attached to the removable curved arm or to the end of the straight pole for cleaning the inside & outside of your gutters.

Gardus RLE202 LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System, Removes Lint & Extends Up to 12' with 4 Flexible 3' Rods, Includes Bonus Lint Trap Brush, Blockage Removal Tool, Vacuum & Dryer Adapters

The most valuable tool you can own to ensure the safe operation of your clothes dryer is the LintEater. The LintEater, designed for homeowners by a leading manufacturer of professional duct cleaning equipment, makes the regular maintenance of your dryer vent system easy. It effectively removes dangerous lint buildup in almost every type of dryer vent, eliminating a leading cause of house fires. The auger brush and flexible extension rods screw together and spin when powered by your cordless drill (not included). The rotating action of the auger brush and flexible rods scours your entire vent wall surface while traversing the multiple turns that are common in most dryer vent systems. Completely remove all loosened lint from the vent while brushing with the included shop vac or blower adapter. Exceptional reach also makes it a snap to clean behind, underneath and all around your dryer, appliances, baseboard heating vents and other hard-to-reach areas. Reduce drying times and save money on utility bills while ensuring the safety of your home: it’s easy when cleaning with Gardus power! Linteater: Everything you need to clean and maintain your dryer vent system with professional results!

Full Exterior Kit - Bottle, Lid with Hose Attachment and 1 lb. Crystal Powder Outdoor Cleaner (Cleans Up to 8,000 Sq. Ft): Non-Toxic, No Scrub, No Rinse Cleaning Kit

Outdoor cleaning is something not everyone looks forward to. But it is very necessary to maintain the look of your property. Our pressure concentrate exterior wash solution makes cleaning easy and fun! No more dirty shutters, windows, gutters, and overhangs and unsightly, slippery footpaths, the fast-acting formula cuts oil, dirt and grime other tough stains which can make your house look dirty and dingy. This versatile solution works across multiple surfaces including concrete, wood deck, brick, vinyl siding, patio furniture, windows and much more. This outdoor cleaner is made with powerful cleaning crystals which remove even the toughest of outdoor stains, oil, dirt, grease, and grime and much more. As an exterior cleaner with hose spray attachment is safe and non-toxic to use around plants, lawns, shrubs, and flowers beds. The specially designed bottle attaches to any garden hose for added convenience. Features: Removes oil , dirt, grime, stains, and much more Nontoxic formula is safe for plants, lawns, and shrubs Reaches up to 27 feet. Perfect for hard-to-reach second story windows Streak free finish Concentrated formula lasts longer Direction for use: 1) Wet the surface thoroughly 2) Turn the nozzle and spray from top to bottom and then again from bottom to top 3) Let th...

WORX WO7009 AIR 20V PowerShare Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner with Gutter-Cleaning Accessory Attachments

Clean, Clear, and Maintain a Clean Zone85 percent of the dirt in your home is tracked, blown, or carried in from entry points like your garage, deck, porch, or workshop. The WORX AIR is a multi-purpose blower with eight convenient attachments to create a clean zone around the entry points to your home. With the WORX AIR, clean-up is easier and faster when you don’t have to move a single thing. The 20-volt MAX Lithium battery gives you cordless clean up without any smelly exhaust or tangled cords. Create a clean zone around your home Clear gutters from leaves and pine needles while standing on the groundMulti-Purpose Blower and Cleaner SystemThe WORX AIR comes with nine attachments plus the Gutter Clearing kit to help clean, clear, sweep, dust, inflate, deflate, and even dry all sorts of things in and around your home, auto, boat, or RV. Create that clean zone anywhere with an array of WORX AIR nozzles and attachments. (1.) Long Tube (2.) Dust Brush (3.) Short Tube (4.) Extension Hose (5.) Dust (6.) Detail Brush (7.) Wand or Wide Nozzle (8.) Inflator Nozzle (9.) Deflator Cover (10.) Gutter Clearing Kit.Included Gutter Cleaning KitThe WORX AIR gutter cleaning kit is the safer, ladder-free solution to maintaining clean gutters while standing on the ground. Simply twist the tubes t...

Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Clnr

The Orbit Telescoping Cleaning Wand has a powerful sweeping action that clears debris easily from hard-to-reach rain gutters. Extremely versatile and great for cleaning siding, windows, sidewalks, driveways, and curbs. The four position ratcheting head, combined with the rotating sweeper nozzle creates a powerful cleaning spray. The wand extends from 40 inches to 70 inches so you can get to those hard-to-reach places. Quickly adjust the flow of water without going back to the faucet with the built-in, valve and shut-off lever. The wands lightweight metal construction makes for a durable cleaning tool that will keep your yard debris-free for years to come.

Vacmaster 2.5-Inch Gutter Cleaning Kit, V2GK

This kit features extensions and an angled tip to make cleaning gutters a breeze. Fits most 2.5-inch Vacmaster hose systems.