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cobra ii ridge vent - 313 items found | Last update: 09 February 2023 - 01:14:10

Ridge Vent 13.7inx4ft Ii

Helps resist snow infiltration in harsh winter climates. Prevent roof rot in attic or roof deck. Minimize peeling and extend the life of exterior and interior paint. Limits mold growth. Allows heat/condensation to escape at most effective location. Shingle-over design blends into ridge line. Watertight, passes 110-MPH wind-driven rain test. External baffles help deflect wind/rain, no end caps needed. 1/8" louver spacing helps keep insects out. Energy-efficient, crush-resistant, with internal structural support for added durability. Flexible 3-point hinge for installation on 3:12 to 16:12 sloped roofs. 40' replaces 18 conventional or ten 12" turbine roof vents. Quick alignment, special tabs for easy, reliable connection. No overdrive, reinforced nail holes. "EasyTear" feature allows product to be hand-torn in 3" increments. Edge overhang allows smooth, continuous coverage between sections. Provides 18 sq.in/linear foot net-free ventilating area. Works with traditional size ridge cap shingles. Boxed.

Air Vent ShingleVentII 12in. (Carton of 10) (Charcoal)

Air Vent ShingleVent II are shingle-over ridge vents that are installed on the peak of your roof to provide proper attic ventilation. Shinglevent II ridge vents provide constant attic airflow to eliminate heat and moisture that builds up within your home. Air flows in, not allowing the buildup of damaging air, flowing out through the top of the roof, preventing damage to the attic, roof structures and shingles. ShingleVent II has pre-printed slot guides for truss or ridge pole construction. Pre-drilled nailing holes are designed to assure proper nailing. The vent is pre-formed to a 4/12 pitch. Continuous ridge vents have a low profile, providing an efficient ventilation system for your home that is almost invisible from the ground. 3/12 to 16/12 roof pitch. Miami-Dade County Approved. External baffle and weather filter. 12" width for most applications.

Air Vent Rolled Shingle Over Ridge Vent With Filter 28' 12 Sq. In. Net Free Area 12-12/12 Roof Pitch

Peak Performer II Filtered Shingle-Over Rolled Ridge Vent - The filtered 12" x 28' rolled ridge vent is nail gun friendly with 2 coils of nails included. It has a built-in end plug. External baffle. Low profile creates a clean, uncluttered roofline. Provides 12 sq. in. net free area per linear foot. 3/12 to 12/12 roof pitch. Lifetime limited warranty. - Size: 12 In. x 28 Ft., Thickness: 0.6 In., Type: Hand or Gun Nailable, Color: Black, Net Free Area: 12 Sq. Inch per Linear Ft., Roof Pitch Size: 3/12 to 12/12, Pkg Qty: 1

Air Vent Shfvbl Ridge Shingle Vent Ii, 4' X 12"

Highlights: 12" width for most applications External baffle and weather filter 3/12 and 16/12 roof pitch Dade County Approcal Code: 07-0409.05 Exceptional airflow: An external baffle creates low pressure over the vent openings to pull air from the attic Shing Vent II provides 18 sq. Advanced weather protection: The external baffle deflects wind and weather over the vent to help protect the attic from rain and snow infiltration Internal weather filter: Provides a more complete barrier to help protect the attic from wind-driven rain, snow, dust and insects