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encyclopedia of glass paperweights - 49 items found | Last update: 09 February 2023 - 04:00:19

The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights

This classic reference book surveys the history of paperweight from the origins of millefiori techniques in Egypt to the latest developments in paperweight making 312 pages, 140 paperweights in full color, 250 paperweights shown in black and white.

Encyclopedia Of Glass Paperweights

Illustrated with 140 weights in full color and 250 in black and white.

Paperweights of the World, 4th Edition with Revised Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Beautiful color photographs of over 1,000 paperweights bring to life the authors' passion for collecting these art treasures made of glass and crystal, color and imagination. Paperweights from the 1840s to the 1980s are displayed. The history, development, production techniques, and informative histories of the paperweight makers, glass studios, and independent artists are presented, along with hints for collectors. Museum information, a helpful bibliography, and tips for the care of paperweights round out this enjoyable book, which is packed with stunning artwork for those who love beautiful things.

The Art of the Paperweight - The Boston and Sandwich Glass Company

Twenty years ago John Hawley, the well-known author, editor, and paperweight collector wrote the seminal volume, The Art of the Paperweight, The Boston & Sandwich and New England Glass Companies. Many authors had written about the remarkable history and extraordinary glass production of New England Glass Company and the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company but none concentrated on their paperweight production. Hawley’s pioneering work brought these 19th century American paperweights the recognition they deserved. Early paperweight collectors had viewed the American examples as stepchildren to the classical French paper- weights. The author introduced collectors to American style and creative freedom and helped sort out the confusion in identifying the paperweights produced by these two important New England area glass factories. Besides his meticulous research into the history of the two factories and their workers, Hawley used his impressive scientific background to further test and document the specific gravity and ultraviolet fluorescence of every paperweight he was able to handle. He then illustrated and explained this complicated information in such a way that a layman could understand. Never ceasing his careful research into both companies over the following years, Hawley real...

The Complete Guide to Perthshire Paperweights

In 1967 Stuart Drysdale was given a copy of Woman’s Day magazine featuring an article on antique glass paperweights. When he showed the magazine to his glassworkers at Strathearn, they all said they could make them. The next year he left Strathearn with several of his glassworkers to start one of the most successful glass factories in modern history, Perthshire Paperweights. Their mantra was excellence and they succeeded. This book documents their history, production techniques and the hundreds of unique paperweight designs that they produced from their beginning in 1968 until 1997 when this book was published.

Collector's Guide to Paperweights 1840s to 2006: Identification & Values

The collecting of paperweights in another of those exploding hobbies in the field of collectibles over the past few decades, especially with the ever-growing number of independent artisans who have gained name recognition, and consequently, the premium prices that go along with the achievement of high quality detailed workmanship! Ironically, paperweights, up into the 1950s, were little more than whimsies collected by a few odd souls, albeit, wealthy ones at that. Sure, there was the early 1860s, but it was really a 1952 auction of a huge paperweight collection of Mrs. Applewaite Abbott that brought paperweights into the mainstream of collectibles in the modern world. This book introduces you to the fun of collecting paperweights, plus how paperweights are made, the origin, and identifying the different paperweights.

The Complete Guide to Perthshire Paperweights: The Final Years

The Complete Guide to Perthshire Paperweights: The Final Years by Colin & Debby Mahoney and Gary & Marge McClanahan. The authors' first book, The Complete Guide to Perthshire Paperweights, beautifully documented Perthshire paperweight production up to 1997. This book fully documents the factory's production from 1997 to their closing in 2002. An added section illustrates in full color over 400 picture canes used by Perthshire. Combine this book with the first book to have a complete, full-color library of Perthshire's paperweights.

World Paperweights: Millefiori and Lampwork (Schiffer Book for Collectors with Price Guide)

Lampworked and millifiori paperweights have become recognized as little works of art, because their intricate designs challenge the most accomplished glassblowers to be inventive and in full control of molten colored glass. Successful pieces are beautiful and intriguing, displaying the best skills in the glass field. Included are company histories and detailed descriptions of nearly 500 of these amazing paperweights produced over the last 150 years. Chinese copies from the 1930s and the latest fakes and copies are shown, which every collector should know about. The authoritative text includes new information that will fascinate collectors, and many rare and exceptional paperweights appear here that have never before been published. Pricing information and a detailed glossary are included. This important book belongs on the bookshelf of all paperweight enthusiasts, and will particularly appeal to all who are interested in glass production.

Caithness Paperweights (1st Edition) : The Charlton Standard Catalogue

Covering Caithness Glass Paperweights in chronological order (from the Planets set issued in 1969 to the Millenium Collection released in 1999), this catalogue describes each paperweight (including name, designer, date of issue, edition size, status and current value) completely. An informative and comprehensive overview of Caithness Paperwieghts.

Paperweights: The Collector's Guide to Identifying, Selecting, and Enjoying New and Vintage Paperweights

A guide to collecting paperweights discusses the history of the craft and various types of paperweights, and includes advice on care and display