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fire escape ladder 2 story home - 295 items found | Last update: 06 February 2023 - 13:37:42

Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs, 13-Foot

13', 2 Story, Emergency Escape Ladder, Tangle Free Design, Tested To 1,000 LB, No Tools or Assembly Required, 5 Year Limited Warranty, Boxed.

First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-Slip, EL52-2

The First Alert EL52-2 Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder provides a means of escape from a second-story window in the event of a fire or other emergency. Designed to hold up to 375 pounds at a time, this fire safety ladder comes with anti-slip rungs. Stabilizers on each rung help keep the ladder steady and away from the wall for a safe and quick exit. The ladder is built with steel tested to 1,125 pounds and DuPont CORDURA nylon strapping for strength and stability. The fire safety ladder comes fully assembled, folds easily, and can be stored in a closet or under a bed. The 14-foot ladder is easy to set up and attaches to any standard windowsill measuring between 6 and 10 inches wide.

Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder, 13 Feet

DESIGNED FOR AN EMERGENCY, MUST HAVE FOR EVERY HOME. Deploys in seconds, can escape quickly and easily. The slip-resistant rung provides a steady foothold when you descend. Tested to 1000 pounds, can be used by up to 3 people at the same time. The ladder's 13-foot length makes it ideal for escaping through a second-story home. Notes: The ladder hook is RETRACTABLE, please extend the ladder hook at both ends to the maximum when using. Designed for ONE TIME use only and should only be deployed in the event of a home emergency. This emergency escape ladder should be tested and practiced in your household before they are truly needed. Test fitting can and most likely will leave some type of marking on your siding, window, walls or all of the above. In order to maintain the best performance of the ladder, please replace the product every 3 years although without use.

NEW Kidde KL-2 Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs 13-Foot

Product Features: Easy to use attaches quickly to most common windows Fast and easy to deploy with anti-slip rungs Ready for use no tools or assembly required Strong and durable ladder tested to 1000 pounds 13- by 1-feet Someone in the U.S. dies in a home fire every three hours, according to the National Fire Protection Association, which recommends one ladder in every occupied room on floors above the main level. The Kidde Escape Ladder provides a quick means of escape from a fire in a two story home. It stores easily under the bed or near a window, and is quick and easy to use. The Kidde Escape Ladder features 13 feet of zinc-plated steel rungs attached with red nylon strap rails for a quick, secure escape route in case of fire. One of the best features of the Kidde is that its soft rails let you store it anywhere. Slip it under the bed or keep it handy right on the windowsill for easy access. This lifesaver supports a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds when the load is distributed on more than one rung. Max weight per rung is 750 pounds. And, this Kidde is flame resistant, opens in seconds and attaches quickly to any window. The tangle-free design and anti-slip rungs give added security for the descent. Pre-assembled and ready to use, this ladder is 13 feet long with 1-foot w...

Werner ESC220 Fire Escape Ladder, Two Story

The Werner 2-Story Built-In Fire Escape Ladder features 12 non-slip steps and mounts easily to an existing wall. Designed as a safe and easy-access emergency exit, the self-deploying ladder rungs support up to 1,200 lbs. and extend into a full ladder when dropped out of your window. The convenient design deploys in just seconds and can also be painted to match your wall, creating an unobtrusive look in any room.Aluminum rungs with nylon webbing rails offer lightweight durability12 steps make it easy to descend from a second storyFast-escape design supports up to 1,200 lbs.Anti-slip rungs and standoffs offer added safetyStorage pan permanently installs in wall for security and durabilityANSI and OSHA compliant for safetyDoor included with unit for convenienceDimensionsIndustry Standard Ladder Height (ft.)17Rung/Step Depth2.25 inLadder Height (ft.)17Step Rise (in.)14.25Ladder Length17.2 ft

Emergency Escape Ladder by Family First | 2-Story Fire Escape Ladder is 13ft | Deploys in Seconds & is Easy to Use | Full Warranty

The Family First Emergency Fire Escape Ladder was built and designed for an emergency. Expert Fire Technicians designed this to be easy to use, small, durable and lightweight. Fire Escape Ladder is lightweight and easy to use. Backed by a FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. Please Note:1. This emergency escape ladder may not fit all windows. 2. This emergency escape ladder should be tested on intended windows as soon as received. 3. All good emergency plans or equipment should be tested and practiced in your household before they are truly needed.

ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 16 ft (2 Story) Flame Resistant Safety Rope Ladder With Hooks - Fast To Deploy & Easy To Use - Compact & Easy to Store - Reusable - Weight Capacity up to 2500 Pounds

Disaster can strike at any minute whether you're ready or not. In case of an emergency at home, school or office making sure everyone gets out safely should be your top priority. This is why we designed our escape ladders for 2-story homes to provide you with a convenient and reliable way to exit any 2 story building through the windows. If your house, school or apartment doesn't have an escape route or if they aren't easily accessible, then you need a safety fire ladder you can count on. This first alert fire escape ladder is carefully packaged to provide a tangle-free quick release to provide you with a convenient escape route through your window that is perfect for both kids and adults. Thanks to its solid construction it can support up to 2500lbs while the heavy-duty Carabins provides a stable hold to make your decent as easy as possible making this emergency ladder a must have for anyone that wants them and their family or employees to stay safe in case of an emergency. Click on the "Add To Cart" button now to order today and make the smart choice for your safety. Please, beware of fakes, they are made of cheap low quality materials. Some competitors have created their listings stealing our pictures, text, etc. can you trust their products after that? We are American company...

ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder, 2 Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder, 12-Foot with Sleeves on Chain, FL12SL

FL-12-SL Sleeves: With Sleeves Features: -Includes standoffs on every 3rd heavy duty grooved rung. -Plastic sleeves included covering the chain. -Made in the USA. Product Type: -Escape ladder. Color: -Red and white. Folding: -Yes. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Number of Steps: -12. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -12 Feet. Sleeves With Sleeves - Overall Product Weight: -13.1 lbs. Sleeves Without Sleeves - Overall Product Weight: -15.1 lbs.