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Fluval Canister Filter, FX6 Filter (400 Gal)

Fluval FX6 is a high performance canister filter with many outstanding features designed to make aquarium fish keeping easier and more convenient than ever. This super capacity yet compact canister filter has a pump output of 925 gallons of water and has a filter circulation of 563 GPH which both work to produce cleaner and healthier results. Filtering material can easily be placed in a removable stack of media baskets which is at the heart of Fluval's multistage filtration. The baskets are precision-engineered to eliminate water by-pass, making filtration more efficient. The baskets can hold a total of 5.9 liters of media and can be stacked in the precise combination of layers that will work best for your aquarium. Each one is lined with a foam insert for effective mechanical pre-filtering. Instant-release T-handles let you lift and separate the baskets quickly and easily, making routine maintenance simpler. Fluval FX6 also features Smart Pump Technology, which provides optimal filter performance. This advanced technological feature employs an electronic circuit board that continually monitors the pump. Impeller speed and force are constantly measured to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency. It also manages the filter's self-starting feature and evacuates air that may en...

Fluval Q2 Air Pump

The Fluvial Q2 Air Pump is a powerful, yet extremely quiet air pump for aquariums between 50-160 gallons. The Q2 Pump produces a consistent air flow thanks to the advanced swing arm and diaphragm design. The double walled construction, integrated pump well and engineered noise suppressing baffle chamber make Fluvial one of the quietest air pumps to date. The Q2 is quality constructed and will provide lasting and reliable performance for aquariums.

Fluval Foam Filter Block (204/205/306 & 304/305/306)- 2-Pack

Fluval Foams capture large particles and debris for effective mechanical filtration, the crucial first stage in the filtration process. Custom fit to prevent bypass, they have a pore size that allows efficient water flow with less clogging for long-lasting filtration. These inserts also enhance biological filtration. For freshwater and marine environments. For Fluval filter models: 204, 205, 206, 304, 305, 306

Fluval BioMax (500g)

Try to say Fluval BioMax three times fast and you might end up hurting your tongue. That said, the product is actually designed to provide a closetobest bacterial growth environment for beneficial bacteria. It works as a very effective filtration system in fresh water environments, cleaning out bad contaminants as well as reducing nitrate and ammonia. Especially when working with very sensitive marine and freshwater tanks and containers, Fluval BioMax is the helpful hand in balancing out the water content quickly. Fluval BioMax works with multiple marine filters, working with at least 13 difference sizes in production currently. Using a complex pore system, the product works extremely well at providing biological filtration. The rings provides have far more capacity that competitor brands, lasting longer and performing far better than other products on the market for the same purpose. For pet owners with aquariums and sensitive fish, the Fluval BioMax provides a critical tool to the owner's arsenal in maintaining a sensitive marine environment. This is critical because many breeds of fish can get sick very quickly and die off by too many contaminants in their water environment, particularly freshwater fish. To recap, the Fluval BioMax benefits include: s A unique and effective ba...

Fluval U4 Filter Poly/Carbon Catridge (2 Pack)

Fluval Poly/Carbon Cartridges features two sides for effective chemical filtration, the crucial second stage in the filtration process. The polyester filter pad side filters out fine debris and contaminants. The carbon side filters out harmful liquid substances, colorants and odors. The Fluval Poly/Carbon Cartridge works in part with the Fluval Filter Foam Pad to help keep your aquarium healthy and clean.

Fluval Water Polishing Pad for FX5 (3 Pack)

Fluval Water Polishing Pads are uniquely designed to fit Fluval Canister Filters. These extra thick micro-fine polyester pads effectively trap micro particles and debris as water passes through. Fluval Water Polishing Pads are ideally used when cloudy water occurs or after tank maintenance, and they fit in the bottom media basket of your Fluval FX5 Filter.

Fluval C2 Power Filter

14001 Size: C2 (Up to 30 gallons) Features: -Power filter. -5 stages of filtration: 2 mechanical, 1 chemical and 2 biological stages for top performance. -Equipped with Poly/Foam, Activated Carbon, C-nodes and drip tray pad. -Biological filtration is super charged for fast and efficient nitrification. Filter Type: -Power. Filter Placement: -External. Generic Dimensions: -C2 Pounds Weight: 1.92 lbs. -C2 Pounds 8'' H x 6'' W x 4.5'' D. -C3 Pounds Weight: 2.16 lbs. -C3 Pounds 8'' H x 7'' W x 4.5'' D.

Fluval 3/404-3/405 Impeller Cover for Straight Fan Blades

Replacement Fluval Impeller Cover, for impellers with straight fan blades only; Fluval 304, 404 models

Fluval A3977 Digital LED Dual Lamp Timer

Automate your aquarium lighting system with the Fluval digital LED lamp timer. The timer lets you control sunrise, mid-day and dusk settings for up to two LED strip lights, simulating natural sun and moon cycles for a truly realistic environment.

Fluval Decor 3 Moss Stones for Aquarium, Large

This lifelike replica of large moss stones looks like the real thing. Designed with attention to detail, these large simulated stones will add an interesting visual accent to your aquarium.