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The Thrill of the Chase

This book is the remarkable true story of Forrest Fenn's life and of a hidden treasure, secreted somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. The book contains clues to the treasure's location as Forrest Fenn invites readers to join in "The Thrill of the Chase".

Too Far to Walk

Tales about a lifetime of living near the edge are related on these pages, and are presented with plainspoken words that don't need underlining. From being shot down in Laos to meeting a prehistoric family, it's all here in untainted color. Forrest admits to making his share of mistakes but whispers that, even at age 83, none have weakened his ardor for the chase. 278 pages 136 photos 76 drawings

The Thrill of the Chase A Treasure Hunt: Clues and Hints to Help You Solve Forrest Fenn's Memoir

Over $1 million worth of gold, jewels, and jade is hiding in the Rocky Mountains. Close to one hundred thousand searchers are looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure, but they are all at an extreme disadvantage—they don’t have this guide! When Forrest Fenn, an eighty-year-old millionaire, first announced that he had hidden his fortune in the Rocky Mountains, author Rob Johnson became obsessed with finding the treasure site. Ever since Fenn’s proclamation in 2010, hundreds of thousands of treasure hunters have joined the search. Johnson focused on the riddles and clues that could give away the treasure’s location. Unable to continue searching for the treasure on his own, he is now publishing his research for the benefit of anyone as passionate about Fenn’s fortune as he is. Johnson’s guide includes the following: An analysis of Fenn’s memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, the first and best clue to the trove’s whereabouts Stories from his own experiences with the hunt Solutions and hints to Fenn’s most famous riddles Multiple treasures exist Context about Fenn’s life and areas of expertise Other advice about starting your own treasure hunt With Johnson’s help, you could be the one to finally put the clues together and solve Fenn’s mystery!

A Treasure More Than Gold: How I found the solution to Forrest Fenn's poem

We all need a dream and a challenge to enlighten our lives when the monotony of everyday life reaches up and bites us in the behind. When the mind is not active in an activity that is exciting and new it becomes stagnant and weakened resulting in a lackluster effort in the undertakings we do. Think about your first experience in everything exciting you have done, i.e., learning to ride a bike, learning to drive, first date, kiss, fishing, camping, etc...you get the picture. Your mind is most alert when confronted with an exciting and challenging activity, even reading and learning about new things awakens the mind. Treasure hunting is one of those activities that can provide this excitement. One of the most recent and popular treasure hunts is that of Forrest Fenn's million dollar treasure, the one that he mentions in his book, "The Thrill of the Chase", A Memoir. His book has given me and thousands of others an incredible challenge and has delivered much excitement and the opportunity to find his treasure. Solve the nine clues in his poem and go right to his hidden treasure and it's yours to keep, according to Mr. Fenn. The solution I found and explain in this book is only one possible solution, I challenge you to come up with a better one.

Buried Treasures You Can Find: Over 7500 Locations in All 50 States (Treasure Hunting Text)

A book that every treasure hunter and metal detector hobbyist should possess. Lists over 7500 specific known sites of buried treasure in 50 states. Complete information about using the latest, most modern metal detectors.

The Chase for Forrest Fenn's Treasure

The Chase for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure is intended to help a beginner compete with those who have been hunting for the treasure for years by providing an analysis of the clues in Forrest Fenn’s poem which lead to his hidden treasure. There are many ways to interpret the clues. Possible ideas are shown so that one may piece them together and join the chase for the treasure. Included in the analysis of the poem is structural analysis, literal and figurative content analysis, as well as content analysis using geographic features.If the treasure has not been found yet, as Forrest asserts, then everyone still has a chance. The chase is like the lottery, except that all participants are rewarded with the enjoyment of nature and the opportunity to hone puzzle-solving skills, regardless of winning.If you are confident you know where the treasure is, then this book may not be for you. But for those who are still unsure and may need some help or fresh analytic ideas, this book just may provide the spark that will help you find the treasure.To follow Forrest’s philanthropy, a percentage of the proceeds from this book will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Title to the Gold: Find Forrest Fenn's treasure. The clues and answers.

Forrest Fenn stated in a radio interview with santafe.com that the author of this book Andrew Briggs 'had a lot of the treasure poem riddle figured out'.Forrest, a retired American art and antiquities dealer claims to have hidden a treasure chest in one of four States of the USA: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana. He says the chest is located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.Forrest has stated the chest contains hundreds of gold coins, gold nuggets, antique bracelets, antique carved figures, necklaces, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. He has written a cryptic poem containing nine clues that he says lead to the location of the treasure chest. Estimates of the value of the contents range from $1-4 million.Mr Fenn doesn’t think anyone will happen upon the chest by accident or by randomly searching within the four States. He has stated that the person who finds the chest will have deciphered the answers to the clues in his poem correctly and will progress with confidence to the right location.Andrew Briggs was so intrigued by Forrest’s puzzle that he decided to spend most of his spare time trying to crack the code. Then one day after many months ‘EUREKA’. Andrew says he discovered the riddle contained encrypted text that could be unlocked using a special...

Our Eureka Moments: Bear Witness as the Most Compelling Revelation Yet by a Searcher in Forrest Fenn's Thrill of the Chase Is Presented...and Maybe Forever.

Bear witness as the most compelling revelation yet by a searcher in Forrest Fenn's Thrill of The Chase is presented...and maybe forever. Be inspired as I share my eureka moments in the quest for Forrest Fenn's treasure in America's Rocky Mountain West. Whether having a keen eye on Forrest Fenn's poem or on the big picture, this must read reveals the journey I took and lessons learned ultimately helping others to create their own legacy.