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Harassed: Gender, Bodies, and Ethnographic Research

Researchers frequently experience sexualized interactions, sexual objectification, and harassment as they conduct fieldwork. These experiences are often left out of ethnographers’ “tales from the field” and remain unaddressed within qualitative literature. Harassed argues that the androcentric, racist, and colonialist epistemological foundations of ethnographic methodology contribute to the silence surrounding sexual harassment and other forms of violence. Rebecca Hanson and Patricia Richards challenge readers to recognize how these attitudes put researchers at risk, further the solitude experienced by researchers, lead others to question the validity of their work, and, in turn, negatively impact the construction of ethnographic knowledge. To improve methodological training, data collection, and knowledge produced by all researchers, Harassed advocates for an embodied approach to ethnography that reflexively engages with the ways in which researchers’ bodies shape the knowledge they produce. By challenging these assumptions, the authors offer an opportunity for researchers, advisors, and educators to consider the multiple ways in which good ethnographic research can be conducted. Beyond challenging current methodological training and mentorship, Harassed ...

Theology of the Body for Beginners: Rediscovering the Meaning of Life, Love, Sex and Gender

Divorce. Broken families. Sexual abuse. Addiction. Pornography. Same-sex marriage. Gender issues. Everywhere we look, we find more and more confusion about the most fundamental truths of human life. As we lose our basic understanding of the meanings of man, woman, marriage, and sex, the question becomes ever more urgent: What does it mean to be a human being? The human race seems unable to answer this question. Against this backdrop, St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body appears as a bright light in the darkness. His writings on the body, sex, desire, and the meaning of love go straight to the heart of what it means to be fully human. The pope's insights are profound, timely, and meet the questions of modern society head on . . . but they are often not accessible enough for most of us to grasp easily. That's where Christopher West comes in. In Theology of the Body for Beginners, he provides a short, simple summary of St. John Paul II's vital teachings on important questions such as: - What is the meaning of life?- How do we fulfill our deepest desires?- Why did God create us male and female?- Where can we find true happiness here on earth?The first edition of this book was released in 2004, and it instantly became an international best seller. In this updated, revised, and expa...

Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality

Why do some people prefer heterosexual love while others fancy the same sex? Is sexual identity biologically determined or a product of convention? In this brilliant and provocative book, the acclaimed author of Myths of Gender argues that even the most fundamental knowledge about sex is shaped by the culture in which scientific knowledge is produced.Drawing on astonishing real-life cases and a probing analysis of centuries of scientific research, Fausto-Sterling demonstrates how scientists have historically politicized the body. In lively and impassioned prose, she breaks down three key dualisms - sex/gender, nature/nurture, and real/constructed - and asserts that individuals born as mixtures of male and female exist as one of five natural human variants and, as such, should not be forced to compromise their differences to fit a flawed societal definition of normality.

I Have A New Body: Swapped With The College Co-Ed Next Door

She road into town like a thunderstorm, her body promising delights and memories of a life I'd long left behind.When she asked me if I wanted to make a deal I balked at her. What could this young woman still in college be willing offer a man past his prime who was long settled into his retirement.She offered me youth and a second chance. Her genius invention letting us walk a mile in each others shoes. In exchange for a portion of the wealth that I'd accumulated she would let me be her for the summer, no strings attached, and how could I say no to an opportunity like that?I intend to take full advantage of everything this body has to offer while I have it. I intend to work it out and give it a full ride, holding nothing back and drinking in the glory of youth one last time.But while I'm her I can't help but notice her needs. I can't help but notice the way that she sees the world full of opportunities. And when an old friend of hers comes calling I can't help but see the opportunity that he offers as well.I can't believe I'm doing this, can't believe I gave in to these needs. I can't believe I'm feeling these things, playing out a fantasy I never knew I had.But most of all I can't believe the way this all feels. I've taken a taste of a new life in her body.I don't want to...

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community

There is no one way to be transgender. Transgender and gender non-conforming people have many different ways of understanding their gender identities. Only recently have sex and gender been thought of as separate concepts, and we have learned that sex (traditionally thought of as physical or biological) is as variable as gender (traditionally thought of as social).While trans people share many common experiences, there is immense diversity within trans communities. There are an estimated 700,000 transgendered individuals in the US and 15 million worldwide. Even still, there's been a notable lack of organized information for this sizable group.Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a revolutionary resource-a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide for transgender people, with each chapter written by transgender or genderqueer authors. Inspired by Our Bodies, Ourselves, the classic and powerful compendium written for and by women, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is widely accessible to the transgender population, providing authoritative information in an inclusive and respectful way and representing the collective knowledge base of dozens of influential experts. Each chapter takes the reader through an important transgender issue, such as race, religion, employment, medical and surgical transiti...

You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery

Are you wrestling with questions surrounding your gender that just don’t seem to go away? Do you want answers to questions about your gender identity, but aren’t sure how to get started?In this groundbreaking guide, Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC—accomplished gender therapist and thought leader whose articles, blogs, and videos have empowered thousands worldwide—helps you navigate your journey of self-discovery in three approachable stages: preparation, reflection, and exploration. In You and Your Gender Identity, you will learn:Why understanding your gender identity is core to embracing your full beingHow to sustain the highs and lows of your journey with resources, connection, and self-careHow to uncover and move through your feelings of fear, loneliness, and doubtWhy it’s important to examine your past through the lens of gender explorationHow to discover and begin living as your authentic selfWhat options you have after making your discoveries about your gender identity

Gender Swapped by the Genie 2: My Roommate's Wish

When Dustin, Trent's bodybuilder roommate words a genie wish the wrong way, Trent turns into a gorgeous redhead with sinful curves and a titillating smile.Will they give into their bodies calling to each other? Will Trent even want to use the third wish to turn back?This is a 6,500 word short story with steamy scenes, a wily genie, and wishes galore!

The Coach's Wife: An Erotic Body Swap Story

Life comes with many strange surprises, but they aren’t supposed to be this crazy! One year ago, I was a junior at a rural university and the star linebacker on the football team. I had the skill and the athleticism to turn pro, the first from my college in decades. Sure, I had my problems, the head of the support squad blocked my love life better than the opposing teams protected their quarterbacks. Only when she wasn’t the one in my bed though.Now I’m a 30-something woman and starting to love my life as a woman, which scares the hell out of me.Oh. I’m expecting my first child. And, well. This is sort of embarrassing, but I’m not sure who the father is. Oops.How did this happen?Let me tell you a story. It all started with a party. And The Coach’s Wife.Strap in for 30k words of arousing adventures in body swapping. Featuring erotic body swapping, M2F, MF, FF, and a F2M epilogue which tells the other side of the story.

In Her Body: Becoming A Beautiful Woman

In the last twenty years travel has changed. No more long flights and jet lag, step up to the machine and in an instant you're swapped with someone on the other side of the globe.My luck is aboslutely terrible, even when something good happens to me I wind up getting the short end of the stick.I replaced my decidedly female coworker on a work trip at the last minute and of course all of the arrangements had been made for her. Of course when I swap travelled for the first time I'd find myself stuck in the body of a beautiful blonde, because it was just my luck for this to happen to me.The woman in my mirror is beautiful and perfectly my type. Curvaceous and blonde, generous in all the right places and tight and toned everywhere else. She's everything I want in a woman, too bad this woman is me.I can feel their eyes on me, men that I pass and men that I work with. They want me and they don't know my secret. They don't know whose mind is inside this beautiful body.But he is in the same position that I am. He's had his gender switched too, and when we meet in that dark bar late at night we both realize the opportunity this represents.Can I really go through with this? Can I really go up to a hotel room with a man? Can I let him touch me? Can I touch him in turn?I know that ...

I Took My Own V-Card: A Gender Swap First Time Erotic Story

Adeline is a beautiful young woman who's dating Ryan, a handsome and charming guy she met at school. She's got a secret and, as their relationship heats up, has no choice but to tell him.Adeline's secret? She's never been with a guy.It's not because she isn't attractive: Adeline's gorgeous. And it isn't due to a lack of interest. Adeline's always getting hit on everywhere she goes. It's because she has a deep-rooted fear of losing her V-card.Adeline wishes that she'd been born a man, so she'd be excited about sex instead of afraid. Her wish, much to her surprise, comes true... kind of.Adeline and Ryan swap bodies. She quickly realizes what's happened and knows that the only way to reverse it is for her body to lose its V-card. Now, in her boyfriend's big, muscular body, Adeline sets out to extinguish her fear once and for all - by being her own first!*** This 4,500-word gender swap transformation erotic story contains scenes of intense, passionate first-time sex between two consenting gender-swapped adults. ***