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Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility and Mobility, Relaxation, Stretching for All Levels [DVD]

These four 20-minute, calming yoga practices are easy enough that almost anyone can do them, yet effective enough to be a part of any regular exercise program to help improve balance, mobility and flexibility.Create your own practice with our customizable menu: simply choose one, two or all four of the 20-minute sessions depending on your body's needs and schedule. Flow continuously from one practice to the next or do them individually, whatever works best for you. No previous yoga experience necessary!EQUIPMENT NEEDED: All you need is a mat and a sturdy high back chair for this program. To make certain poses easier on the knees or hips you may also want to use a bolster, pillow or additional folded yoga mat for added cushion.FLOW 1: NECK AND SHOULDERS - This series is designed to let go of stress and tension to open up the neck and shoulders.FLOW 2: BACK AND CHEST - This series is designed to release the spine and open the heart for pain relief and improved posture.FLOW 3: HIPS AND KNEES - This series focuses on unlocking the joints and freeing the hips with a series of balance and mobility movements that work all the way down into the ankles and feet. FLOW 4: TOTAL BODY - With an equal emphasis on all of your most important parts, this series offers a soothing, full body stretc...

Namaste Yoga: The Complete First Season[DVD]

Namaste Yoga is more than just an exercise video- it's an experience that will calm your mind, strengthen your body and inspire your soul. Master yoga teacher Kate Potter guides you through 13 classes, all filmed amid the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Features Include: Thirteen, 22 minute sequences.Appropriate for beginner to advanced practitionersLearn Warrior III, Crane Arm Balance, and Revolved Triangle PoseHatha/Vinyasa style yoga

UUK Eye Massager Eye Mask Electric for Head Massage Stress Relief Sleeping with Heat Music and Air Compression Three Modes Eye Car, Foldable, Smart Voice Prompt(SM-Y99)

Using microcomputer chip control technology, hot compress, vibration, pressure, air pressure, music mode freely convert, help the eyes to increase oxygen and collaterals, improve eye circulation, relieve visual stress, relieve eye fatigue.Rated power: 5V 600MABattery capacity: 1100MAProduct size: 21*16*9CMIt takes 2-3 hours to charge and 80-90 minutes to fill.Tips:Please ensure no contact lenses before use.Please do not use it after drinking.Please start the machine after you wear it perfectly in order to reduce excessive pressure of the air pumps.Please ask your doctor's suggestion in advance if you have eye disease.Please don't worry about the noises when operating, it is the normal friction sound which made by inflatable air pump、bleed valve and cover.Please wipe it with disinfection cotton soaked in neutral cleaner instead of water.

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL.Shot poolside in beautiful, sunny Miami, Florida, these yoga inspired stretch routines are perfect for those brand new to yoga and offer options for progression. No previous yoga experience required, and no chanting or sanskrit terminology used.Develop a strong foundation of total body strength, stamina and flexibility with these two complete practices:AM: Energizing Flow (30 Minutes) - This energizing series is the perfect way to start your day, or to boost your energy anytime. Develop strength and functional flexibility from head to toe with this series of stamina building poses and exercises.PM: Relaxing Flow (30 Minutes) - Wind down from a hectic day and stretch out stress and soreness with this relaxing series of yoga postures that incorporate a pillow and a beach towel (or yoga strap) to gently assist your body into deeper stretches to help improve range of motion and overall flexibility.Feel free to alternate between the two practices each day or add them both into your daily routine. Listen to your body to find the perfect balance for your schedule and needs.Ready for more? Don't miss our other workouts! Get a complete fitness plan by combining this program with our two companion DVDs (sold separately on Amazon), "Walk On: 1...

Element: Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is one of the best ways to cultivate a connection between your mind and body. It tones muscles, increases flexibility, calms the mind and can improve overall health. Filmed on a lush, tranquil location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this unique beginner yoga sequence will teach you yoga breathing, and take you step by step through a full range of yoga poses that will strengthen, stretch, and revitalize your body. You will notice results from your very first practice, and as you become familiar with the postures, both your yoga practice and your body will evolve in an uplifting and truly empowering way.Elena Brower is a Certified Anusara Yoga instructor and has been teaching for over 10 years. She is the founder of Virayoga in Soho and has been featured in such prestigious publications as The New York Times, Yoga Journal and In Style magazine. Named one of New York City's top yoga teachers by Fit Yoga magazine, Elena's clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Minnie Driver, Eva Mendes, Carla Gugino, Christy Turlington and Rebecca Romijn. Her teaching encourages observation, connection, empowerment and healing.Element is proud to support the Arbor Day Foundation. For every four Element DVDs purchased a tree will be planted*. In addition to generating oxygen, trees provide...

Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow DVD

Product Overview Six sequences including 23 different poses Features 3.5 hours of instruction by Zyrka Landwijt Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow provides a comprehensive overview of Vinyasa Yoga. This intermediate level DVD features six gentle flow sequences of differing lengths and difficulty levels. The first three are ideal for beginners. The next three build on the shorter sequences. The DVD gives detailed instruction on 23 poses including pose benefits, variations and common mistakes. Working on these poses individually will aid in your practice of each sequence. Learn to flow from one pose to the next, synchronizing your breath and movements harmoniously. Filmed in high definition. About Zyrka Landwijt Zyrka Landwijt apprenticed at the Saraswati River Yoga School. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 level.