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GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka Complete Series

Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22 year old ex-biker and college karate champ. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a hair-trigger temper. His goal: to be the greatest high school teacher in the world!

GTO / Great Teacher Onizuka (Japanese Tv Drama Dvd, English Sub, All Zone Dvds, Complete Series 3 Dvd Boxset)

Through the introduction of his friend Danma Ryuji, Onizuka Eikichi, the former legendary bike gang member, visits Meishu Academy to tend to the trees in the garden as a part-time gardener. Learning that Yoshikawa Noboru, a student in teacher Fuyutsuki Azusa's class is being bullied by Uehara Kyoko and other classmates, Onizuka befriends and saves Yoshikawa. Seeing Onizuka's unprecedented but visceral, powerful response to problem solving, the school's president and principal, Sakurai Yoshiko, overrides resistance from her vice principal Uchiyamada Hiroshi and makes Onizuka a teacher. Onizuka goes on to tackle many issues as the teacher in charge of the most problematic class, Class 2-4.

GTO - Semester 1 Box Set by GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

A classic series among anime and manga entusiasts! Former juvenile delinquent Onizuka finds himself thrust into a role of high school teacher, facing students who behave just as he used to and an administration that doesn't trust him. Using the brash and unorthodox methods he picked up in his youth, Onizuka manages to reach through to his kids and help them with their problems.

GTO Box Set Vol. 1

Volume 1: Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old virgin and ex-biker. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a hair-trigger temper. His goal: to be the greatest high school teacher in the world! Volume 2: GTO, A.K.A.: Great Teacher Onizuka, is the story of Onizuka, a former motorcycle gang member who becomes a teacher to make a difference. Using his street smarts to deal with colleagues, students and troublemakers, Onizuka finds that he too has many lessons to learn! The hippest new anime this year. Volume 3: Onizuka mentors a young female student that has been ostracized by her classmates. The bad news, not everyone thinks this student / teacher relationship is healthy. The good news is The Great Teacher Onizuka doesn’t care what other people think. Volume 4: GTO must pass a nationwide test to keep his teaching position, is sidetracked when Young Hidemi, his nemesis, is kidnapped. The popular Urumi Kanzaki appears for the first time in this volume leading GTO on adventure after adventure. GTO might have met his match. Volume 5: GTO’s love interest, Ms. Fuyutsuki, flees the Academy in an attempt to escape the simultaneous disdain and affection of the students. She finds herself in the direct path of destruction. . .literally! GTO to the rescue! The lengths he’ll go to just to get a...