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Club 3D CAC-1080 DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0B HDR Adapter Supports [email protected] High Dynamic Range

The Club3D CAC-1080 is a DisplayPort 1.4 To HDMI 2.0B active signal converter. It features support for HDR video quality for deep Color media content playback. The DisplayPort receiver supports up to 5, 4 Gbps per lane over 4 lanes. The HDMI output is fully compliant to HDMI specification version 2.0a, It supports RGB/YCbCr video color formats with a color depth of 16bpc (or 48 bits per Pixel) as long as it fits within the DisplayPort and HDMI link bandwidth. The CAC-1080 also supports Pixel encoding conversion from RGB or YCbCr 4: 4: 4 To YCbCr 4: 2: 0 and YCbCr 4: 2: 0 pass-trough function. In addition HDR with deep color up to 12bpc at 4K 60Hz is supported through the conversion of RGB/YCbCr 4: 4: 4 over DP link to YCbCr 4: 2: 0 on the HDMI output with a horizontal expansion to CEA timings.

HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter/Converter 4K 30Hz,PC to Monitor Male HDMI to DP Output Adaptador with Audio,Active HDMI 1.4 Source in Display Port 1.2 Out Connector for Xbox One,360,NS,Mac Mini,1080P 60Hz

Active HDMI to DisplayPort Monitor Adapter The FOINNEX HDMI to DisplayPort Converter provides a simple solution for connecting a computer with an HDMI port to a DisplayPort monitor, transmitting high-definition video and audio from your computer to a DisplayPort monitor for video streaming or gaming. USB Power Boost Connect a USB cable to a computer USB port power the conversion from HDMI to DisplayPort. A USB wall charger is also compatible. Compatible Devices - Ultrabooks, laptop, PC, Apple devices, Blu-ray player, camera, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, video game console with an available HDMI output - TV monitors/displays with an available DisplayPort input Vibrant 4K Definition Video - Support 4K (3840x2160)@30Hz, 1080p (1920x1080)@60Hz - Experience deep color depths and sharp images How to Connect - HDMI plugs into the computer - DisplayPort cable (Sold seperately) plugs into the adapter and your monitor - Connect the USB cable to supply power for low-voltage devices. Important Notes - This adapter is NOT bi-directional,only converts signal from HDMI to DP. For a DP to HDMI cable, please refer to ASIN:B01GHU134I. - Multi input sources(VGA/HDMI/Displayport)devices must select Displayport input first. - Source devices like XBOX One have HDMI in and HDMI out ports, target devices ...

DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter 2 Pack, Benfei DP Display Port to HDMI Converter Male to Female Gold-Plated Cord Compatible for Lenovo Dell HP and Other Brand

The Benfei DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Black is designed for connecting DisplayPort equipped computer systems to HDMI equipped monitors, providing optimal video quality up to 1080p HDTV or 1920 x 1200 PC graphics. It is a cost-effective solution to allow your DisplayPort computer to work with the HDMI display for business, home entertainment, conference rooms, and more. Connectors - Input: Latching 20 pin DisplayPort Male - Output: 19 pin HDMI Female (Note: A separate HDMI cable, not included, is required) Specifications - PC resolution supported: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x768, 1280x800, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200 - HDTV resolution supported: 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 1080i and 1080p - Audio: 7.1 Channel surround audio - Chipset: PTN 3361BBS - Bandwidth: Up to 2.25 Gbps Compatible Devices - Desktops and laptops with an available DisplayPort output What's in the Package - 2 Pack DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Black Warranty. Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support . Important Notes - NOT BI-DIRECTIONAL - Adapter only operates from DisplayPort source to HDMI. For the HDMI source to DisplayPort, please refer to Benfei HDMI DisplayPort to HDMI https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0752D33PJ-NOT ACTIVE-DP-HDMI-Adapter is passive Adapter...

Capshi DisplayPort to HDMI Cable - 6 Ft 4K UHD Nylon Braided Gold-Plated DP-to-HDMI Unidirectional Cord DP to HDMI Male Chords Display Port to HDTV Monitor Video Connector DP to HDMI Ports Adapter

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HDMI to DisplayPort Converter Adapter with USB Power,Phizli 4K x 2K HDMI to DP Adaptor for HDMI Equipped Systems,Compliant with VESA Dual-Mode DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and HDCP

HDMI to DisplayPort adapter / HDMI to DP / Ultra HD / HDMI to DisplayPort converter / HDMI to DP adapter This HDMI to DisplayPort converter lets you connect an HDMI enabled video source, such as a Blu-ray player, camera, video game console or computer, to a DisplayPort monitor or projector. Connectors - Input: 19-pin HDMI, Male - Output: 20-pin DisplayPort, Female (Note: A separate DisplayPort cable, not included, is required) - Power: Type-A USB, Male Compatible Devices - Ultrabooks, laptops or desktops with an available HDMI output - DisplayPort enabled monitors/displays ** Note: This adapter is NOT bi-directional. It only converts an HDMI output signal (source device) to DisplayPort (monitor/display)

Displayport to HDMI Adapter, CableCreation 4K 3D Gold Plated DP to HDMI Converter Male to Female 1.4V Black

Brand Guarantee CableCreation Focus to the Ideal Design of All of Our Quality Cables CableCreation is not Only a Brand But Also a Creative Team With Own Factory manufacturing CableCreation is Confident to CableCreation Offer All Buyers with two years Warranty Specifications Side 1:DisplayPort Male Gold Plated Shell Side 2: HDMI (Type A) Female Port Adapter Color: Black Adapter Length:1.5inches

Plugable Active DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - Connect Any DisplayPort-Enabled PC or Tablet to an HDMI Enabled Monitor, TV or Projector for Ultra-HD Video Streaming (HDMI 2.0 up to 4K 3840x2160 @60Hz)

Plugable's DisplayPort to HDMI active adapter allows you to connect the DisplayPort output on your laptop or PC to virtually any HDMI-enabled display. With an internal pixel clock capable of running at up to 594MHz, Plugable's DP-HDMI active adapter supports resolutions up to 4K when using a compatible graphics card and display. Most other adapters are "passive" (also known as "level-shifters" or "Type 1 adapters") which often have a maximum pixel clock of 165MHz and only allow resolutions up to 1920x1200. CompatibilityThe Plugable DisplayPort to HDMI active adapter converts a DisplayPort (DP, DisplayPort++, DP++) output to connect to an HDMI display. Will not convert in the opposite direction.Supports video modes up to 4K (including [email protected], 2560x1600, 2560x1440) and up to 8-channel LPCM/HBR audio up to 192kHz sample rate. Maximum available resolution will be determined by your computer and display. Cable will not allow resolutions beyond what your output device (PC) or HDMI display are capable of.AMD Eyefinity compatible. Skylake compatible. VESA (DisplayPort) certified. Compliant with VESA Dual-Mode DisplayPort 1.2, High Bit Rate 2 (HBR2), and HDMI 2.0 standards.Please note that Lenovo W500 systems use a non-standard DisplayPort implementation. If the DP-HDMI adapter is...

HP DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 Adapter (F3W43AA)

HP DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 adapter

Rankie DisplayPort (DP) to HDMI Cable, 4K Resolution Ready, 6 Feet, Black

Connecting DisplayPort port compatible PCs to an HDTV, monitor, or projector with HDMI port transmits high-definition audio and video from your computer to an HDTV for video streaming or gaming; connect and configure your monitor for an extended desktop or mirrored displays supports video resolutions up to 1920x1200/ 1080p (full HD) and flawless Audio pass-thru for uncompressed digital 7.1, 5.1 or 2 channels gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding combine together to provide both superior cable performance and reliable connector with latches provides a secure connection with a release button that must be depressed before unplugging