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Highgate Cemetery: Victorian Valhalla

Highgate Cemetery, clinging to the southern slope of Highgate Hill, looks out across London to the Epsom Downs in the distance. It is one of the great cemeteries of the world (to those who know it, one of the Wonders) but in many ways it is also one of the most secret. A maze of rising terraces, winding paths, tombs and catacombs, it is a monument to the Victorian age and to the Victorian attitude to death. Containing some of the most celebrated -- and often most eccentric -- funerary architecture to be found anywhere, it has also, as nature has gradually taken it over, become a wild-life reserve near the centre of London. Now after many years of neglect, the cemetery is being lovingly restored, the dense foliage cut back, nature brought under control and its treasures revealed. In Highgate Cemetery: Victorian Valhalla the London historian Felix Barker tells fully and for the first time the story of this burial ground. But, above all, the book contains a unique pictorial record of its moods and its monuments caught over the last twenty years by John Gay whose photographs superbly and evocatively convey the spirit of the place.

Journal: Highgate Cemetery London, England

A Blank Book Journal or Diary to keep thoughts and ideas. Bound paperback book with 150 grayscale lined and numbered pages to fill any way you want. Book opens easily for comfortable writing with ample margins for extra notations or doodling. Perfect for bullet journaling. Art on cover is Highgate Cemetery London, England.

Aunt Adelaide Of Highgate Cemetery

Mary Briggs could remember Aunt Adelaide from her presence at childhood family gatherings, a quiet, solitary lady who seemed to be enveloped by a deep sadness. She knew that when Aunt Adelaide passed away in her fifties, she was buried in London's famous Highgate Cemetery. As an adult, Mary undertook to find her neglected grave in the cemetery and visit it. Meanwhile, with the help of her aunt's ghost, the author tells the story of Adelaide's life, from her happy childhood at the beginning of the twentieth century to her abrupt departure as a love struck young woman from her family home, which led to a life of poverty and loss. Mary Briggs' latest novel is a tale of love between the two World Wars that ended in tragedy and a deep sorrow that even the eventual reunion with her family cannot heal.