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Marathon CL030036BK Atomic Travel Alarm Clock with Auto Back Light Feature, Calendar and Temperature. Folds into One Compact Unit for Travel. Batteries Included. Color-Black.

Marathon's Travel Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light Feature presents an automatic or manual (user selectable) backlight display which activates in low light settings. This clock automatically sets and adjusts the time (including day and date) using radio frequencies broadcast from NIST's Colorado Atomic Clock, thus always keeping accurate time. Displays time in 12 or 24-hour formats. Features 6 time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic or Newfoundland), one-touch glow display, indoor temperature display and an extra loud alarm. Option to choose from 5 languages (user selectable): English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Marathon CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar & Temperature - Battery Included (Silver)

The MARATHON Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock is a compact size of 4 W X 0.5 D X 2.25 H inches, making it a perfect travel clock. Featuring a rotating stand, the MARATHON Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock can be folded into a compact case for ease of travel and also doubles as Cell Phone holder! When you have reached your destination, the MARATHON Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock stand can be flipped and rotated 180 degrees to sit stable on flat surfaces. While keeping size compact, Marathon has not compromised any functionality of the Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock. This clock displays; time in 12 or 24 hour formats, indoor temperature with options for Fahrenheit or Celsius, and a calendar display for day, date and month. Included with the MARATHON Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock is an ergonomic one touch back light function. Press the button to activate the back light. The MARATHON Travel Clock includes 1 AAA battery and its low power consumption ensures a maximum lifespan.

SESTP Digital Travel Clock with Blue Backlight Battery Operated Calendar Temperature Large Number Display Ideal for Kids and Elder (White)

Item Size:4.13"x 0.63"x2.52", perfect for traveling. Multi- information display in large number,it can fit basically anywhere. It has a very easy setup system, it doesn't takemore than a few minutes to setup. Not only for travelling, but also as anindispensable helper in daily use.   Features: ★ Large and clear display, easily read thetime.  ★ Folding and flip alarm clock.  ★ Ultrathin and lightweight appearance,convenient to carry.  ★ Indoor Thermometer display.( C/Foption)  ★ Date, week, month and alarm time clearlyin the display ★ Snooze repeat alarm function.  ★ Perfect travelmate, also suitable for the elderly. ★ Not very loud alarm, suitable for thosewho like gentle ringing.    Specification:  ★ Material: ABS Plastic  ★ Volume: 70 dB ★ Color: White & Silver ★ Clock Size: 4.13"x 0.63"x2.52" ★ Weight: 3 ounce  ★ Battery: 2pcs CR2025 button cell(included)   Package Content:  ★ 1 x Travel Alarm Clock  ★ 1 x User Manual  ★ 1 x Leather Protective case

Digital Travel Alarm Clock - No Bells, No Whistles, Simple Basic Operation, Loud Alarm, Snooze, Small and Light, ON/Off Switch, 2 AAA Battery Powered, Black

The Best Digital Travel Clock For Your Needs The Travelwey digital alarm clock is small and light-weight making it the perfect accessory for travelling. The clock is very simple to use with minimal controls. The main screen shows the time, date and day of the week as well as an alarm set indicator. An on-demand light will illuminate the screen when you need to know the time at night. Unlike most digital travel clocks, you do not need to remove the batteries when travelling to avoid the buttons being pushed whilst in your luggage; Travelwey have included a Travel Mode switch which will disable all the buttons, so you only need to set the clock once. Product Features Clear Display with Light Time, Date and Day of the Week Alarm with Ascending Snooze Travel Mode to disable buttons when travelling 70 x 80 x 20 millimeters. Takes two AAA batteries (NOT included) Guarantee/Warranty 60 days, no questions asked, full money back guarantee if unsatisfied with the product 1 year warranty for defects

Peakeep Ultra Compact Battery Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar, Ascending Beep Alarm with Snooze Light, 3 AAA Battery Operated Small Digital Alarm Clock (Black with Silver)

Peakeep Compact Foldable Digital Travel Alarm Clock *Small size: 3 ¾ * 2 * 2 ½ * 1 in *Light weight: 0.17 Oz *Digital alarm clock offers the digital precision on alarm and clock time with clear vision for multi-functional showing. *Convertible Regular Time or Military Time display. * Individual alarm-on-off switch and intuitive setting button for ease of use. * Convenient snooze/light bar illuminates the entire clock face evenly for few seconds for night time viewing and takes you a light nap. 3 AAA batteries operated (not included in the box) Unlimited One Year Warranty! Package List: 1. Peakeep Alarm Clock * 1 2. User Manual *1

Ambient Weather RC-8300-WHITE Atomic Travel Compact Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light Feature (White)

The Ambient Weather travel alarm clock with auto night light feature is very compact (2.5 x 2.5 x 1.0) but large on features.

Ambient Weather RC-8487 Atomic Travel Compact Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light Feature

The Ambient Weather Travel Alarm Clock with Auto Night Light Feature is very compact (3.8" L x 3.5"H x 1.3"D) but large on features.Equipped with an atomic clock, time is set automatically via radio and in synch with the U.S. atomic clock for utmost accuracy and automatically sets adjusts for daylight savings time.The alarm clock features an automatic backlight display which activates in low light settings.The screen displays time, alarm time, time zone, month, date, day of week, indoor temperature and radio controlled clock reception strength icon.The clock also features an alarm switch, snooze button, and temperature units of measure switch.Displays time in 12 or 24-hour formats. Features four time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern), one-touch glow display, indoor temperature display and crescendo alarm. Displays in 5 languages ( English, French, German, Spanish and Italian).Perfect for camping, the clock also makes the ideal bedside companion and accurate synchronization reference for other clocks in your home or business.

Sharper Image Travel Alarm Clock

Automatic time synchronization with U.S. Atomic Clock near Fort Collins, Colorado No Wi-Fi or computer needed - uses common radio waves to sync with the Atomic Clock Automatically switches to Daylight Saving Time 4 selectable U.S. time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific) Clock can be set manually for use in other time zones (inside or outside the U.S.A.) Indoor temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius Time is displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format Day is displayed in one of five languages (English, French, German, Spanish or Italian) Easy-to-set alarm with snooze button Alarm beeps for 60 seconds, then turns off When snooze is activated, the 4 step crescendo alarm will sound 5 times in 5-minute intervals Press the Snooze/Light button to activate the amber LED backlight for 5 seconds Optional auto-nightlight feature: amber backlight turns on au

Marathon CL030058BK Small Compact Alarm Clock with Repeating Snooze, Light, Date and Temperature Travel Collection. Batteries Included. Color - Black.

Marathon's Compact Alarm Clock is the perfect desk or nightstand clock. The large display makes it easy-to-read from across the room and the cool blue blacklight provides just the right amount of illumination at night time. The clock is compact and easy to use. Item size- 3.1 x 1 x 3 in (L x W x H). The clock also displays temperature and the calendar.

MIL645358 - Howard Miller Travel Alarm Clock

Soft blue light illuminates time, date, day and temperature displays at the touch of a button. Five-minute snooze alarm provides extra convenience. Folds for easy packing. Controls located on the front of the clock for easy setting. Sleek and stylish case.