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primos b mobile decoy - 28 items found | Last update: 06 February 2023 - 15:00:32

Primos Hunting 69041 Turkey Decoy, B-Mobile

The plan to hatch b-mobile was conceived three years ago. It all started with a real stuffed gobbler named Bob. Bob wasn't the easiest thing to carry around in the woods, but man he got the job done! When turkeys saw Bob, they would come in running. Bob worked great to bring in those weary gobblers, but he was hard to tote around. It was decided to try and build a decoy that worked as well as Bob but was more mobile. After working with prototypes of full strutting gobblers for the past three years, finally it all came together With b-mobile (that's short for bob-mobile). now you have all the benefits of a mounted gobbler in an easy to carry unit. Includes: strutting gobbler decoy, fold-up silk fan, b-mobile fan holder, decoy stake, carrying bag, Instructional DVD. Features: - Easy to carry - full-strut gobbler decoy - has a fan holder for attaching a real fan - Folds up - Compact - Quick set-up - Metal stake.

Primos Hunting 69021 Turkey Decoy, Killer B

The Primos killer b decoy 69021 is a superior hunting decoy. This is a must own item from Primos and can be yours with just the click of a Mouse. Get one today.

Primos Mobile Decoy Stake

The Ground Breaker Decoy Stake fits all Mobile™ Series Decoys as well as a variety of other decoys on the market. If you have ever had a hard time getting your decoy stake into the ground, or if you have broken your plastic stake, then the Ground Breaker Decoy Stake is for you. It is an all metal stake that is lightweight and durable. The Ground Breaker Decoy Stake has a built-in foot press making it easier than ever to pus the stake into the ground.

Primos Gobbstopper HD Submissive Hen Decoy

The Primos Gobbstopper Submissive Hen is what you need to make your set-up more attractive to bring in that hardheaded Tom. The decoy has 2 submissive positions for maximum arrangement possibilities. A realistic HD paint scheme gives life-like appearance, while the body itself proves lightweight and easy to carry.

Flextone Thunder Creeper Strutter Decoy

The Thunder Creeper is the most portable strutting turkey decoy on the market today. Strutting profiles attract attention, and the Thunder Creeper's smaller scale makes him slightly less threatening so incoming turkeys are more likely to approach. Detailed molding and paint on the flexible plastic body give this gobbler an undeniably realistic look. Setup is simple thanks to an attached carbon stake and compact size that make getting into field position fast and easy. Use the supplied folding tail fan or easily add the real deal. It's a flashy invitation for a fight that a boss gobbler won't tolerate.

Primos She-Mobile Decoy

Behind every good man, there is a good woman and we felt like B-Mobile needed a good woman. She-Mobile is the perfect companion for B-Mobile. She is what you need to make your set-up more attractive to bring in that hardheaded Tom. She-Mobile can be staked along side B-Mobile as a contented hen or you can put her on the ground without a stake and she will assume the submissive hen position. Made from the same material as B-Mobile, She-Mobile is a sturdy decoy that can be rolled up and carried in your vest, making her the perfect companion for B-Mobile.

Primos Chicken On A Stick Jake Turkey Decoy

The Primos Chicken On A Stick Jake decoy is designed specifically for "fanning" in gobblers. This unique form of turkey hunting allows the hunter to get up close and personal with big toms. The Chicken On A Stick decoy comes with a proprietary stake design that's engineered with specific features for the "fanning" hunter including a built in gun rest, hand grip and a mini-camera mount so you can record the excitement. This decoy can also be used as a free-standing Jake decoy or you can add it to your spread.

Primos Dirty B Injured Gobbler Turkey Decoy

It is always an incredible feeling of accomplishment when a turkey decoy revolutionizes the way we hunt. We are aware that Gobblers are always trying to establish dominance over one another. We have seen repeatedly, Gobblers jump on and beat the heck out of their buddy that has been shot. Jay Gregory modified Primos' Killer B decoy to imitate a wounded Gobbler, thinking he could capture some unique hunts on video. Man it worked. The result is a whole new twist on decoying in Gobblers. With just the pull of a handle the Dirty B becomes a flopping injured Tom that drives Gobblers crazy.

Avian-X Strutter Turkey Decoy

Kick aside the old decoys, and get ready to put the Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) Strutter in your turkey hunting gear. If your heart starts racing just thinking about in-your-face action of gobblers challenging your decoys, you’ll love the Avian-X® Strutter. Incredible detail and superior lifelike realism is sure to bring in that dominant gobbler. The Avian-X® strutter is 15% smaller than a real turkey, so it’s light and easy to pack in the field for any turkey hunting scenario. Comes with a carry bag and collapsible stake.

Flextone Thunder Chick Upright Hen Decoy

FLEXTONE FLXDY315 Hunting Game Calls Turkey