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Reynolds Freezer Paper Plastic Coated 18 Inch Total Of 150 Sq Ft Butcher Wrap Paper, Great Also For Arts & Crafts, Shelving, Protection, Banners Etc. (Original Version)

Reynolds plastic coated Freezer Paper. 150 Square Feet of premium quality Freezer wrapping paper. Reynolds Freezer Paper can be used for more than just the freezer, it's great for crafting, book covering, party table cover, non slip stencils, protections, drawing, wrapping gifts etc, shelve lining, kitchen counter protector, banners, spill catcher and much much more... ENJOY!!!

Reynolds Freezer Paper Plastic Coated 50 Sq Ft (Pack of 1)

Reynolds Freezer Paper Plastic Coated 50 Sq Ft. -

Weston Heavy Duty Freezer Paper Refill Roll, 18-Inch-by-300-Feet (83-4010-W)

Protects meat from freezer burn and bacteria while in storage. Sanitary, poly-coating provides the best protection for meat and prevents the paper from sticking to the meat while freezing or thawing.

Reynolds Wrap Freezer Paper 18" Boxed

Reynolds KITCHENS Freezer Paper is ideal for wrapping foods for freezing and also for general household purposes. The thick paper gives the product strength and durability. One side of the paper is plastic-coated and provides a barrier to air and moisture. This protects the quality, flavor and nutrition of foods during freezing. The other side is a durable paper which can be written on. This means it's easy to write on the contents and pack date before freezing foods. Length: 33.5 yard Width: 18" Coverage Area: 150 sq ft Plastic coated freezer paper Perfect for freezing meat and more Helps keep moisture in and air out, which helps prevent freezer burn That's why it's used by butchers and fishmongers Great for protecting work surfaces from spills and preventing markers, paints and glue from soaking through. More Info: Outside of the freezer, this paper also keeps messy foods, markers and paint at bay. For household crafts projects, Reynolds KITCHENS Freezer Paper is perfect for banners, writeable tablecloths, stencils and more. It's also great for protecting kitchen counters or lining shelves and drawers. For crafting and quilting, use it as templates for appliqus or kids painting, school banners and projects. The usages are endless. FAQ's: Which side of Reynolds KITCHENS Freezer ...

Reynolds Kitchens Plastic Coated Freezer Paper - 75 Square Feet

Reynolds Kitchens Plastic Coated Freezer Paper is your kitchen sidekick against freezer burn. Wrap this thick butcher paper around leftovers, meat or fish before you stash them in the freezer. The thick construction gives this made in the USA butcher paper strength and durability, so you know it protects your food. One side helps you end the freezer food guessing game with the easy-to-write-on matte surface that lets you label the package. The other side features a plastic coating to create a barrier for air and moisture to protect the quality, flavor and nutrition of food during freezing. Use this food storage wrap to protect meat, so your ground beef, chicken breasts or wild game come out of the freezer ready to go on the grill without losing flavor or quality. But this freezer paper isn't just good for freezer storage. Its versatility makes it a great choice in the kitchen for protecting counters or lining shelves and drawers. For crafting and quilting, use this roll as craft paper for kids' paintings, school banners and projects, or protect your table when your kids get creative with the finger paints. The possibilities are endless.

Reynolds Freezer Paper Plastic Coated 16 2/3 yds x 18in Roll (75sq ft.) Pack of 3

3 Rolls of 75sq ft. Reynolds Freezer Paper - 225sq ft. total.

Reynolds Freezer Paper, 150 Square Feet (Pack of 3)

150 sq feet, 18 inch x 33. 5 yd, freezer paper, kalaflex. Freezer paper, kalaflex. Manufactured in China.

Reynolds Plastic Coated Freezer Paper, 150 sf

This Reynolds Plastic-Coated Freezer Paper, 150 sq ft, is a sturdy covering to use for freezing food. Seal the paper tight to keep food fresh and keep the air out to prevent freezer burn. Reynolds freezer paper can be used for saving meat or fish and the interior coating keeps food from sticking to the wrap. The matte finish on the outside of the paper allows you to label the contents and provide a date for future reference. This wrapping tears easily from the 18" roll, allowing you to get the ideal size every time. Reynolds Plastic Coated Freezer Paper 150 sq ft: Ideal for freezing meat Kosher 100% recycled paperboard box Reynolds Kitchens freezer paper is plastic coated for freshness Multiple uses within the home

Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper Roll with SmartGrid - 3 Boxes of 50 Square Feet (150 Square Feet Total)

Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper with SmartGrid gives a classic kitchen tool a convenient update with marked lines for easy cutting and even spacing. Instead of guessing how big you need your sheet to be, use the grid lines to get straight lines and accurate sizing for a perfect fit in your pan. The grid also serves as a guide to space your dough, giving each cookie enough room to spread during baking. Natural fibers create a high-density parchment paper baking solution that holds up well on heavy baking days. In fact, you can reuse each sheet up to three times in a single session to get more mileage out of the roll. The non-stick coating helps cakes and cookies slide right off the baking paper, keeping things from getting sticky in the kitchen. You can even leave your goodies on the oven paper while you decorate to catch drips and spills. Use the cooking paper for baking in temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, or line trays for use outside of the oven or for freezer storage. However you use this parchment roll, it can be composted after use. Give your spatula a rest, and bake cookies that are evenly browned and release from the pan easily.

Reynolds FREEZER PAPER Plastic Coated 50 Sq Ft. - (Pack of 6)

Reynolds FREEZER PAPER Plastic Coated 50 Sq Ft. - (Pack of 6)