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Some of Tim's Stories (The Oklahoma Stories & Storytellers Series)

Another classic from the author of the internationally bestselling The OutsidersContinue celebrating 50 years of The Outsiders by reading S. E. Hinton's profound and wry compilation of fourteen short stories. Terry and Mike are cousins whose families are almost seamlessly intertwined. Raised as close as brothers and living happy childhoods, neither one thinks of what can go wrong. But the unexpected deaths of both their fathers catapult their lives in two very different directions. Terry finds trouble with the law, while Mike lives his life racked with guilt and sadness. S. E. Hinton gives readers a gritty view of how one incident, one tragedy, affects two boys very differently, and changes their lives forever.

The Outsiders

A revealing account of the tensions, fears, and frustrations of gang life from a teenage boy's point of view

Rumble Fish

From the author of the international bestseller The Outsiders comes a "stylistically superb" novel that "packs a punch that will leave readers of any age reeling" (SLJ, starred review).  Rusty-James is the number one tough guy among the junior high kids who hang out and shoot pool at Benny's. He's proud of his reputation, but what he wants most of all is to be just like his older brother, the Motorcycle Boy. Whenever Rusty-James gets in over his head, the Motorcycle Boy has always been there to bail him out. Then one day Rusty-James' world comes apart, and the Motorcycle boy isn't around to pick up the pieces. What now?Like Hinton's groundbreaking classic The Outsiders, Rumble Fish was adapted into a movie by Francis Ford Coppola and remains as relevant as ever in its exploration of sibling relationships, the importance of role models, and the courage to think independently. This edition includes an exclusive Author's Note.An ALA Best Book for Young AdultsA School Library Journal Best Book of the YearA Kirkus Reviews Editor's Choice"Sharper in focus and more mature in style than Hinton's The Outsiders." —Booklist"Hinton, on her own turf, is still unbeatable." —Kirkus Reviews"S.E. Hinton is a brilliant novelist." —Publishers Weekly

The Outsider Tales: A Short Story Collection

'I've Been Such An Outsider My Whole Life.'The Outsider Tales is a collection of Mark Gillespie's early short stories. These are stories about society’s black sheep - the weirdos and losers who don’t fit in.Featuring:Snowballs From Mars - A young library assistant witnesses a shocking incident behind the bookshelves.The Architect - A failed actor receives a mysterious phone call from a stranger on New Year's Eve. Dark Lights - A body is laid to rest in the town of Seaview. Where are all the mourners?Scratched Rolls Royce - A lonely woman rides the city bus at night. Cheap thrills are on the menu.The Rambler - Two soulmates cross paths after thirty years apart. Their lives have taken very different paths.

Outsiders, The - The Complete Novel (Dbl DVD)

Outsiders, The - The Complete Novel (Dbl DVD)In 1983, Francis Ford Coppola's film of S.E. Hinton's novel struck a powerful chord with audiences, capturing the intense feelings of being caught between childhood and adulthood, and not belonging anywhere. Decades later, Coppola has revisited the film and reintegrated 22 minutes of character-enriching footage, including a new beginnning and ending more true to the book. A rousing new rock-n-roll soundtrack featuring six songs from Elvis Presley and other music greats make this new version of The Outsiders one of movie history's great rediscoveries.]]>

La Ley de la Calle

A junior high school boy idolizes his older brother, the coolest, toughest boy in the neighborhood, and wants to be just like him. In Spanish.