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temperature color changing hair dye - 172 items found | Last update: 09 February 2023 - 00:16:02

Pravana Vivids Mood Heat Activated Hair Color Kit - New!

VIVIDS MOOD COLOR is the industry's FIRST-EVER heat-activated temporary hair color that transforms hair with an outof-this world, color-changing effect! Just add heat and watch the transition happen instantly, then change back when it cools! Overlay VIVIDS MOOD COLOR at the end of your creative color services for an intensified look, or over natural hair colors for a fun, transitional experience. Intermix shades to create custom VIVIDS MOOD COLOR combinations, or use a color melt or dip dye technique for a fun pop of color - the possibilities are endless! When you're ready for another color-changing combination, simply wash out with shampoo and instantly apply the next VIVIDS MOOD COLOR shade - without affecting the hair color underneath, no matter what color! This add-on service is ideal for clients wanting to add something extra to their look, whether it be for festivals, concerts, special events and more. For clients looking for a longer-lasting color-changing effect, apply to any type of clip-in hair extension for repeated use! Includes: • 4 - Color pigment packettes (5.35 g) • 1 - Base Creme 3.3 oz. • 1 - Application tool • 4 - Ecospoons (biodegradable) * 25-30 applications per kit

Punky Colour Black To Lilac Mood Switch Heat Activated Hair Color Change, Temporary Hair Effect

Why choose just one color when switching it up is as easy as 1-2-heat with Punky Colour’s temporary hair change effect! HEAT-ACTIVATED COLOR CHANGE Temporary Hair Effect RINSES OUT IN 1 WASH PUNKY COLOUR MOOD SWITCH is the best heat-activated temporary hair color on the market! It transforms hair with a next-level, color-switching effect! Just add heat and watch the transition happen instantly, then change back when it cools! Apply our PUNKY COLOUR MOOD SWITCH Temporary Hair Dye on already-bleached hair for an intensified color burst look, or over your natural hair color for a subtle but playful transformation. Mix up shades to create your own custom PUNKY COLOUR MOOD SWITCH combinations, or use a paint brush, twisted, or dip-dye technique for a fun pop of color - you’re only limited by your imagination! When you get tired of your current color combo, jump to your next color-switching hair adventure combination by simply washing out with shampoo and apply another PUNKY COLOUR MOOD SWITCH Temporary Hair Dye shade - without affecting the hair color underneath! If you frustrated by having to pick only one fun color to dye your hair at a time, or not wanting to wait until your original color fades before switching to an entirely new color, then Punky Colour Mood Switch Tempor...

PaintGlow Semi Permanent Hair Dye 13ml Streak Tube Bright Colours (Blue Lagoon)

Add Depth, Shimmer And Some Glitter Fairy Dust Drama To Your Look With PaintGlow's Holographic Glitter Shaker! A Favourite Among Festival-Goers, This Best-Seller Will Give You A Classy High Shine Glow Whilst Bringing A Whole New Dimension To Your Festival Look. So Don't Hold Back - Let Holographic Sparkle Play A Starring Role In Your Next Festival Outing Or Night Out.

Anthocyanin Hair Manicure Color Second Edition 230g/ 8.1 OZ (00 PURE CRYSTAL)

Anthocyanin second Edition(Acid Color) not only protects scalp trouble but also makes hair cortex healthy and lustrous with botanocal element which has excellent effect protecting scalp and botanical protein such as hair cuticle protein. This product containing element to protect your hair against moisture loss is fashion color lasting beautiful color hair long with strong absorptive power of hair color and botanical element that cut off ultraviolet ray. There is no fading at all but a little bit of discoloring. Moreover, featuring dyeing being done promptly and furthermore, as gel type, dyed evenly among all without running down. There are about 40 various kind of colors that make you possible to choose any of what you want and to create your own color. As distributedcolor permeates evenly onto hair, apparent and natural color expression can be possible. What is Anthocyanin? Anthocyanin is red, purple and blue pigment which changes by aqueous pH. It existed in flower, fruit and vegetables. In Korea, we call "Wha Chung So" In fall the protein that attached at chlorophyll of plant changes into amino. This process creates sugar which excels the creation of anthocyanin and other colors. It explains how maple changes it color. However, anthocyanin is not only produced in maples....

ATLANTA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Temperature Activated Thermochromic Color Changing Powder Pigment Multicolor Pack Changing at 77F/25C Perfect for Color Changing Slime Play Doh

ATLANTA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING offers NON-TOXIC Thermochromic Powder Pigments. They are Leuco Dye micro-encapsulated, which change color activated by temperature. Our Themochromic Powder Pigments have various colors and activation temperatures. When the temperature rises over certain degree, the pigment turns from one color to another. But the process is reversible- when it gets cold/hot, the pigment turns back to its original color.This listing is for 5 grams GREEN changing to YELLOW at 77F/25C5 grams BLACK changing to PINK at 77F/25C 5 grams RED changing to YELLOW at 77F/25C It could be mixed with materials such as glue, varnishes, resins, mediums, gels, silicone, liquid plastics/polymers and many more. Your room temperature, the temperature of your binder (glue) and your hands play a role in the color changing process. The pigment doesn't mix with water. If you're not sure what to mix the pigment with, we offer ready to use : THERMOCHROMIC PAINT - could be applied on paper, ceramic, metal, plastic, glass, wood, rubber, canvas and many more THERMOCHROMIC FABRIC PAINT - could be applied on any type of fabric/textile, leather and shoes THERMOCHROMIC LIQUID INK - works on paper and cardboard surfaces. Our products can be used for Color Changing Slime, Play Doh, Home/School projec...

Onedor 12" Synthetic Fiber Natural Textured Curly Ponytail Clip In/On Hair Extension Hairpiece (H16/613)

What style will you wear today? Do you need an elegant Ponytail for a special occasion? Well, look no further, because this synthetic fiber hair Ponytail creates an elegant ponytail accent that can be worn for a prom, wedding, or evening out. Use a jaw/claw clip around your hair for a secure fit. Our Ponytail hair extension will transform your look in seconds. It's that easy! Just like your own hair, synthetic hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. However, you do not need to wash the synthetic hair everyday to keep consistent results. The fiber should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the fiber appears dull. If you are wearing the hair all day, every day, you can wash them after 4-6 wears. Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles or teasing with your fingers or a pick comb. Pick the hair from the ends and work your way up. Product Information: Model: SE-121 Materials: 100% Premium Quality Synthetic Hair, feels silky and soft like real human hair. Weight: 115 grams including jaw/claw clips Length: 12 inch without stretching, Stretched Length 15" Total Pack Structure: 1 Piece Synthetic Ponytail Hair Extension with a jaw/claw clip Clip in hair extensions care instruction: (1) Wash in clod or warm water (2) Add a dash of Shampo...