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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Film That Terrified a Rattled Nation

When Tobe Hooper’s low-budget slasher film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, opened in theaters in 1974, it was met in equal measure with disgust and reverence. The film—in which a group of teenagers meet a gruesome end when they stumble upon a ramshackle farmhouse of psychotic killers—was outright banned in several countries and was pulled from many American theaters after complaints of its violence. Despite the mixed reception from critics, it was enormously profitable at the domestic box office and has since secured its place as one of the most influential horror movies ever made. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Its Terrifying Times, cultural critic Joseph Lanza turns his attentions to the production, reception, social climate, and impact of this controversial movie that rattled the American psyche. Joseph Lanza transports the reader back to the tumultuous era of the 1970s defined by political upheaval, cultural disillusionment, and the perceived decay of the nuclear family in the wake of Watergate, the onslaught of serial killers in the US, as well as mounting racial and sexual tensions. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Its Terrifying Times sets the themes of the film against the backdrop of the political and social American climate to understand why the brutal slasher fl...

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Companion

In 1974, a low-budget, no-star horror movie was unleashed on the world, causing panic among the censors and provoking glee from its intended audience.The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is still as powerful today as when it was first seen almost thirty years ago, and will return to the screens in a high profile remake this Halloween.Now, in this long-awaited companion to Tobe Hooper’s groundbreaking film, Stefan Jaworzyn gives us the inside story of one of the most successful, controversial and influential horror films ever made, as well as in-depth coverage of the three sequels, various documentaries and other movies also based on the life of serial killer Ed Gein.Packed with exclusive interviews, rare and unseen pictures, and with a foreword from the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface himself, Gunnar Hansen!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Devil's Advocates)

No-one who has ever seen the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) is ever likely to forget the experience. An intense fever dream (or nightmare), it is remarkable for its sense of sustained threat and depiction of an insane but nonetheless (dys)functional family on the furthest reaches of society who have regressed to cannibalism in the face of economic hardship. As well as providing a summary of the making of the film, James Rose discusses the extraordinary censorship history of the film in the UK (essentially banned for two decades) and provides a detailed textual analysis of the film with particular reference to the concept of 'the Uncanny'. He also situates the film in the context of horror film criticism (the 'Final Girl' character) and discusses its influence and subsequent sequels and remakes.

Chain Saw Confidential: How We Made the World's Most Notorious Horror Movie

When The Texas Chain Saw Massacre first hit movie screens in 1974 it was both reviled and championed. To critics, it was either "a degrading, senseless misuse of film and time" or "an intelligent, absorbing and deeply disturbing horror film." However it was an immediate hit with audiences. Banned and celebrated, showcased at the Cannes film festival and included in the New York MoMA's collection, it has now come to be recognized widely as one of the greatest horror movies of all time.A six-foot-four poet fresh out of grad school with limited acting experience, Gunnar Hansen played the masked, chain-saw-wielding Leatherface. His terrifying portrayal and the inventive work of the cast and crew would give the film the authentic power of nightmare, even while the gritty, grueling, and often dangerous independent production would test everyone involved, and lay the foundations for myths surrounding the film that endure even today.Critically-acclaimed author Hansen here tells the real story of the making of the film, its release, and reception, offering unknown behind-the-scenes details, a harrowingly entertaining account of the adventures of low-budget filmmaking, illuminating insights on the film's enduring and influential place in the horror genre and our culture, and a thoughtful m...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (New Line Cinema)

The only know survivor of the 1973 Texas massacre that took the lives of thirty-three victims describes the macabre killing spree and the vicious killer known as "Leatherface." Original. (A New Line Cinema film, written by Scott Kosar, directed by Marcus Nispel, releasing on DVD March 2004, starring Jessica Biel, Eric Balfour, Andrew Bryniarski, R. Lee Ermey, & Lauren German)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning Art by Wes Craig Cover by Lee Bermejo Collecting six issues of the hit WildStorm series! This never-before-told tale explores the mystery of Travis County and the horrific Hewitt family responsible for "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." The F.B.I. team sent to investigate the horrors discovers where Leatherface and his sinister family fled in the months following the murders!

The Folcroft Ghosts

When their mother is hospitalised, Tara and Kyle are sent to stay with their only remaining relatives, their grandparents. It's their first time meeting May and Peter Folcroft. The elderly couple seem friendly at first, and the house, hidden in the base of the mountains, is full of nooks to explore. But strange things keep happening. The swing moves on its own. Peter paces around the house late at night and seems obsessed with the lake where his sister drowned. Doors slam and curtains shift when no one is inside. And one room is kept permanently locked. When a storm cuts the phone line - their only contact with the outside world - Tara and Kyle must find a way to protect themselves from their increasingly erratic grandparents... and from the ghosts that inhabit the Folcrofts' house.

Orchard: A Horror Novel

Four very different friends from the city. The longest night of their lives in the country. Will is a man of simple pleasures. For his stag do, all that he wants is a weekend away with his best friends. Just the four of them, a fire and plenty of alcohol. A place where they can camp, have a laugh and make noise, without drawing any attention to themselves. Tommy’s Orchard sounds just the place.But when one of them vanishes in the middle of the night, the friends quickly realise that they may be isolated, but they are far from alone. Something is lurking in the shadows beneath the trees, and dawn is a long time coming.Orchard is an extreme horror story containing scenes of drug use, torture, strong violence and bad language that some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised.