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Riders in the Chariot (New York Review Books Classics)

Patrick White's brilliant 1961 novel, set in an Australian suburb, intertwines four deeply different lives. An Aborigine artist, a Holocaust survivor, a beatific washerwoman, and a childlike heiress are each blessed—and stricken—with visionary experiences that may or may not allow them to transcend the machinations of their fellow men. Tender and lacerating, pure and profane, subtle and sweeping, Riders in the Chariot is one of the Nobel Prize winner's boldest books.


Winner of the 2016 Mom's Choice Awards Gold MedalNola was the last American Northern White Rhino, one of three--now left on the planet. Poaching has destroyed Nola's species due to the fallacy that rhino horns are thought to possess magical medicinal powers. Extinction is an ugly word. What to do? Listen to Nola, herself:You Ask Why? The truth is this: Some want, what's not theirs (And there it is.) What To Do? Love what you've got! (And not what you don't) Matters a lot!World leaders paused to mark Nola's death on November 22, 2015, her name made headlines around the globe. Extinction is forever. *COLOR-FOR-A-CAUSE: Nola Coloring Book also available! *Book proceeds to San Diego Zoo Global.

Adult Coloring Books: Animals - Stress Relief Coloring Book

Over 40 Stunning Animal Pages to Color! • Features detailed birds, African wildlife, fish, wildcats, and more • Simply sit back, relax, and choose the animal design that connects with you • Color in the pages with your choice of color pencil, pen, marker, and/or crayon. • Each coloring page is on a separate sheet

Yellow Kayak

A child and his beloved best friend go on a grand sea adventure in this magical picture book by the author and artist who created If I Had a Little Dream.You just never know what a new day will hold if you are brave enough to find out. On one quiet afternoon, a boy and his special friend’s unexpected adventure bring joy and excitement and sights never imagined. And the best part of any adventure is returning home with stories to tell and you best friend at your side.

Animals Night & Day Coloring Book: Amazing Animals to Bring to Life

Let your imagination run wild with this stylish and sophisticated adult coloring book that takes you on a glorious exploration of creatures big and small. Colorists the world over will be delighted by Animals Night & Day Coloring Book, which features a unique mixture of three color backgrounds (with colors that include black, gold, or blue) that help enrich different environments, color palettes, textures, and the artistic look of each animal pattern. This first-of-its-kind "night and day" approach allows each intricate design to take on a life of its own. With over 90 beautiful, complex images to explore and enhance, this gorgeous coloring book will take you on a mindfulness journey that will decrease stress, increase creativity, and take you deep into the heart of the natural world. Get ready to create your own vibrant masterpieces of glorious beasts and creatures from the animal kingdom, including the owl, horse, eagle, monkey, tiger, elephant, wolf, fox, lion, koala bear, and so much more.

Animals: A Mindful Coloring Book

In this follow-up to the acclaimed first and second books in the series, Animals beautifully captures the stunning and fascinating creatures that inhabit the world’s wilder terrains. Containing over 35 astounding drawings inspired by illustrator Georgie Woolridge’s travels in India and around the world, each intricate drawing incorporates swirling paisley patterns and other local designs inspired by the styles in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. By easing you out of your thoughts and into another world, coloring these beautiful images becomes a practical exercise in mindfulness that anyone can adopt, regardless of skill level.Each stunning illustration is accompanied by a brief paragraph about the animal and its habitat, in addition to a helpful introduction with hints and tips about drawing, coloring, and the various effects that you can achieve by using different coloring tools. Escape the pressures of everyday life and find peace and relaxation coloring these wonderful beasts of the wild!

In Pursuit of the Gene

Schwartz presents the history of genetics through the eyes of a dozen or so central players, beginning with Charles Darwin and ending with Nobel laureate Hermann J. Muller. This book offers readers the background they need to understand the latest findings in genetics and those still to come in the search for the genetic basis of complex diseases and traits.

Essential Spider-Man Vol. 1

The celebrated hero whose powers stem from the bite of a radioactive spider battles with forces of evil, including the Red Skull, Mysterio, and the Lizard.

Paradise of Animals: Adult Coloring Book

This beautifully intricate coloring book features dramatic animal drawings in lush backgrounds by the Fujiyoshi Brothers. You will find stunning original illustrations of a panther, tapir, goat, lion, peacock, gorilla, zebra, and many more in this collection. The book also features vivid coloring samples by the artists themselves, who are very popular in Japan. Their exotic illustrations of animals have been adopted in textiles, cushions, cups and stationery.

Realistic Animals: A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults

Realistic Animal Coloring BookThis unique animal coloring book is perfect for colorists who use advanced shading techniques.The 60 realistic hand-drawn animals in this book have been specially formatted to appear slightly lighter than normal so you can clearly see the image while still being able to color over it.Each image is printed on its own page to prevent bleed through.Do a “Look Inside” to see how gorgeous these images are and order yours today!