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water cooler cleaning kit - 65 items found | Last update: 29 January 2023 - 04:20:09

Camco TastePURE Spring Fresh Water System Cleaner and Deodorizer for RV and Marine - Cleans and Freshens Water Lines, Great for Dewinterizing - 1 Gallon (40207)

Camco TastePURE Spring Fresh cleans and deodorizes your RV fresh water systems with a safe, biodegradable formula. Dewinterize any fresh water tank or line. Also good for periodic cleaning, freshening, and deodorizing. Our one step, no measure solution requires no mixing or preparation. 1 gallon of solution cleans up to a 100 gallon tank.

Bottle Bright (12 Tablets) - All Natural, Biodegradable, Chlorine & Odor Free Water Bottle & Hydration Pack Cleaning Tablets

When your bottle, bladder, cup, thermos, or other drinking container is difficult to clean, don’t let odors and bacteria build up inside. Instead, for a thorough job, use a Bottle Bright tab. A biodegradable and non-toxic blend gets to hard-to-reach areas and breaks down tough natural substances that can’t be scrubbed away all the way. After, the result produces clean-tasting drinking water for your adventures.

Cooler Care Sanitation Kit

Cooler Care Water Cooler Cleaning Kit - Destroys Bacteria & Germs. Maximum cleaning with minimum hassle - Cooler Care ensures 100% sanitization. Each kit includes a sanitizing solution, spray nozzle, faucet cleaning brush, and reservoir pad as well as complete, easy to follow instructions. Each kit is good for approximately 10 cleanings.

Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer Detergent and Sanitizer Treatment, 2 x 24 oz bottles - Thetford 36662

Thetford's Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer is an easy-to-use 2-part system designed for cleaning and sanitizing fresh water tanks and plumbing on RVs, trailers, campers, boats, water coolers, coolers, ice machines, refrigerators, ice chests, or any washable hard, non-porous surfaces. Step 1: Clean with the detergent Empty the tank and add 1 ounce of concentrated detergent solution to the fresh water tank for every 4 gallons of tank capacity. Fill the tank with water and run the diluted detergent through each faucet, shower, and water outlet for 1 minute or more. Empty the tank and rinse the faucet lines and tank by running fresh water through them. Step 2: Sanitize the water Shut off incoming water line and prepare a solution of 2 ounces of product per 8 gallons of water. Apply or circulate solution to wet all surfaces, allowing it a minimum contact of 60 seconds. Drain the solution and return to service by reopening incoming water lines. The treatment is effective even in hard water and will not leave grit or soap scum. Not a drinking water additive.

FREEMOVE Hydration Water Bladder Cleaning Kit | NO More Dirt | Universal for Hydration Bag Reservoir | Hydration Pack Bladder Cleaner | Flexible Brush, Big Brush, Small Brush and Drying Hanger

This complete Cleaning Kit 4in1 is a must-have for any hydration pack. An essential cleaning set for any hydration bladder, hydration backpack or hydration bottle with a mouthpiece - hydro flask owner. It works great on water bladders, hydration packs, camelbak reservoirs and recreational hydration systems of all kinds. With its 3 special brushes, you will be able to completely clean inside the inner water area of your water reservoir, the tubing and what's also important - the mouthpiece. This works very well on all the parts that need to be cleaned and it extends the life of the bladder. The cleaning kit also contains a collapsible hanger - drying rack so that you will be able to dry your water bladder after cleaning. It's everything you need to keep your hydration bag clean and ready for your next adventure. Choose This Complete Cleaning Kit 4in1, Make The Most Of Your Hydration Bladder And Remain Perfectly Hydrated With Fresh Clear Water Thanks To This Ultimate Cleaning Kit!

Vitapur Cleaning Kits for Water Dispensers

This Vitapur® Cleaning Kit for water dispensers is effective against e.coli and disinfects directly on contact. It descales and deodorizes and is quick, safe and easy to use. This single kit contains 50 ml of cleaning solution, 1 sponge and 1 tube brush.

Cleaning Accessories - Industrial Brush - Baked on Food Remover - Electric Smoker - Smokers and Grills - Drill Brush - BBQ Cleaning Kit - Rust Remover - Hard Water, Calcium, Mineral, and Stain Remover

This kits brushes have super stiff and aggressive nylon bristles for the removal of stains on concrete, brick or stone. The large diameter brush is especially useful for larger de-scaling projects on metal surfaces or removal of loose paint. This brush has very stiff bristles and is NOT recommended for fabric, carpet, or where scratching could be an issue.Cordless drill NOT included

3L Hydration Pack Water Bladder Reservoir - Includes Cleaning Kit, Insulated Cooler Bag, & Free Clips to Hold Drinking Tube - Tasteless, Leakproof, TPU, BPA-Free, Quick Release & Shutoff Valve

ALWAYS STAY HYDRATED! This heavy duty 3 Liter (100 oz) BPA-Free hydration water bladder is made from leakproof TPU material. This bladder measures 14.5 inches in length x 8 inches in width, and 3 inches in height. This water reservoir is tasteless and comes with a large screw cap so you can easily pour many ice cubes into the reservoir to keep your water very cold. In addition, the on/off shutoff valve on the drinking tube prevents any leakage from the bite valve. COOLER BAG KEEPS WATER COLD FOR MANY HOURS! Comes with an aluminum insulated sleeve to keep the water inside the reservoir cold for many hours. The insulated sleeve is NOT a backpack (it does not contain any shoulder straps). You must put the cooler bag inside a hydration backpack or hydration pack before using it (please reference the product images). EASILY CLEAN THE BLADDER. The cleaning kit comes with several brushes. The small brush cleans the bite valve. The long snake brush cleans the insides of the insulated drinking tube, and the quick release button will easily disconnect the drinking tube from the bladder for easy cleaning. The medium brush cleans inside the water reservoir, and the hanger will air dry the hydration bladder. FREE DRINKING TUBE CLIPS! The clips keep the drinking hose in place while in use. ...

Bottleless Water Cooler - Hot & Cold Water Dispenser. Filter and Install Kit. (Available in White)

The iBottleless Standard Water Cooler includes everything you need for pure, great tasting water. Included with your cooler is the commercial-grade water filtration, installation kit and set-up instructions. The elegant design of black and steel complements any home or office. It is the perfect size for the daily use of 1-30 people.   Hot & Cold options: Our point of use (PoU) has instant cold and child-safe hot water faucets. The reservoir is also stainless steel and holds 1-gallon of ice-cold water; while the hot tank is 2 liters of 180 degree steaming water.   Outside: The easy to clean UV-resistant cabinet is very durable and made for the long run. Our drip tray simply lifts out of the cooler and is dishwasher safe.   Inside: All water is cleansed through the Micron Filtration System, and all components are lead free as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act.   Energy Star Certified and rated   Filters: The easy Twist On/ Twist Off filters are the most convenient and easy to use on the market today. Filters can be replaced in. Just unscrew the filter from the head by twisting counterclockwise. The new filter can be inserted by placing it in the head and twisting clockwise.   Every filter is certified for 1,200 gallons of use, filtering out: lead, chlor...

Star brite Aqua Clean Water Tank Flush - 1 gal

Star brite AQUA Water Tank and System Flush is formulated to deep-clean fresh water tanks and the entire water system (pipes, faucets, etc.) that have developed foul taste or odor from long periods of non-use or after being filled with water from a questionable source. AQUA Water Tank & System Flush is very effective at removing the scale and sediment that can lead to foul odors and taste. While it is a powerful cleaning agent, it will not neutralize head chemicals if it drains into grey or black water tanks. It is ideal for use when the boat or RV is coming out of seasonal or long-term storage.